Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekly Organic Meal: Waffles

I think breakfast is super important (though I'm such a hypocrite and rarely eat breakfast) but I do make sure Jasper get's a good breakfast. We keep it simple and don't have a Ton of variety to breakfasts- he will either have yoghurt with fresh fruit, eggs and toast or waffles. I was buying those DELICIOUS frozen Eggo waffles- but on the quest to go organic those had to go. Sad face. So when I was looking at the frozen waffles at Whole Foods I saw that they were $4.99 for 6 waffles! I think that is CRAZY for frozen waffles! So I found a 10 grain organic waffle/pancake mixture for $4.99 and decided to make my own.

Last Thursday I whipped up a batch of it. I think all I did was add (organic) eggs and water to the mixture, bust out the waffle iron(kind forgot we even had one) and voila I had I think 13-14 waffles for J! I used Maybe 1/6 of the bag- so for $4.99 (plus cost of eggs) I can make Jasper almost 100 waffles!! Yay for me! And these ones are even healthier! I froze the 12 waffles we obviously didn't use in individual baggies and stored them in a big freezer safe container in our freezer. And this morning when Jasper asked for waffles I was able to reach in my freezer, grab a waffle baggie and pop it in the toaster! Jasper likes his waffles with some powdered sugar and chopped up fresh fruit.


  1. What a great idea to freeze the waffles!

    What are these boots from Sweden that you speak of?? I must see them! :)

  2. Oh they will be out soon :) As soon as we get some real fall weather here instead of the high 80's we have been having!