Friday, December 31, 2010

Oh 2010

It's been a big year, but really, what year hasn't been the last few years especially.

Some major events that happened

*We moved in March- I believe the 5th before Jasper turned 3

*We set a wedding date

*Besties came to visit us from Sweden in April/May for three weeks

*Wedding dress shopping! Only tried on about 50 before deciding on one.

*Summer came and we spent pretty much every day at the pool- often twice a day. Two weeks in Jasper was jumping into the deep end by himself w/o a  floatie and making his way to the top. By the end of the summer he was swimming, under water by himself. At the age of two!!

*Many hours spent in the car road tripping to Iowa for family time, weddings, wedding showers

*My baby turned THREE- still not sure how that happened- and had a Pippi party at grammys house in IA. He is obsessed w/ Pippi and still talks about how she came all the way from Sweden to his birthday party. 

*Jasper started a preschool aged class at Little Gym (w/o mamma in there with him) and absolutely loves it. Possibly starting karate in January?

*Jasper got his first haircut!! At three. I'm still upset about it.

*We got MARRIED. Still haven't changed mine or jaspers last name..Probably should get on that. 

On a harder note
2010, more specifically this fall and winter, brought the news that both of my grandmothers have cancer.My grammy, moms mom, has brain and breast tumors but is doing good with chemo and radiation. And it didn't stop her from coming from North Carolina to my Iowa wedding two weeks into Chemo. My farmor, dads mom (in sweden) has stomach cancer and is on her last few days/weeks in Sweden. Both of these are really hard to deal with, and I know because of this 2011 will bring much sadness. But I also know it will bring a lot of happiness. So 2011, I'm ready for you. 

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pictures of Christmas pasts..

Here's my little monkey during his first Christmas, it was spent in North Carolina, Iowa and Colorado. Three different christmas's in three different states. He was only 4 months!! And working on this 3rd teeth that whole weekend and every outfit was soaked in minutes.

Second Christmas, spent in Iowa getting ready to leave for almost 7 months in Sweden.
Last Christmas- also spent in Iowa. Is it crazy that I can remember his first and second Christmas so vividly, but last year is kind of a blur? Sad.
And this year. He wasn't quite as willing to take pictures this year. I thought it was supposed to get easier to get him to cooperate as he got older, not the other way around.

Twas the night before Christmas...

I decided to start the tradition this year of reading this to Jasper in front of the tree every Christmas Eve. After we got done reading it the first time, Jasper asked me to read it again, and again and then " One more time and then no more, tay?"

After reading we got the milk and cookies out for santa and a carrot for Rudolph. This Christmas was my Favorite because Jasper finally got into everything dealing with Christmas, baby Jesus, and Santa for the past two months.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I failed at picture taking

on Christmas. And pretty much the entire week and a half I was in Iowa, but this just proves that I was having way to much fun to remember to get my camera out :)

The very few pictures I got of Christmas day.

I didn't get many pictures, but I did have my video camera out a lot of Christmas eve/Christmas morning so as soon I figure out how to get the footage on the mac I'll be able to upload some of get ready to see some Swedish dancing around the Christmas tree!

We most definitely had a white Christmas

Iowa had about 1/2 a foot of snow before we got there and we got two little snow storms while we were there. Jasper (and I) had so much fun playing in the snow.

We made snow angels, snow men, played outside with the dogs, and rode in wheelbarrows (J, not so much me.) We can't wait till we finally have some real snow of our own!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My favorite Christmas present, possibly ever.

The gift of going green and organic.

**And okay maybe not Ever because I did get a golden retriever puppy one Christmas (he's now 13) and a bunny for christmas a different year...sadly to say he probably didn't even last two years. I was a bad bunny momma. **

My mom got us signed up with Melaleuca, an organic, green company that sells cleaning supplies (among other things) and is paying for the first few months of all the products we order. Soo freakin exciting. When we arrived back to CO yesterday my first shipment was waiting for me. I left Drew to unpack the car, while Jasper napped and I messed with all of my new cleaning stuff. I've already looked through the catalog deciding what I want for January's order! Seriously the gift that keeps giving.

Not only are all these good for the environment, but they are completely safe for your family, which really is the number one reason for us for wanting to go natural/organic. I mean have you ever read the ingredients on the back of a clorox container? It says in bold- HAZARDS TO HUMANS- if its hazardous to us why the hell should I use it to clean off things that my son most definitely will touch? It tells you what to do if somehow ingested- and gives a warning what Not to do if someone becomes unconscious after ingesting. Throwing this shit out Right now. I'm disappointed in myself that it's taken me this long to switch to organic cleaning supplies. The only reason I haven't before now is financial. I didn't think we should be spending $75/ month to join- but really it's not a Ton more than normal cleaning supplies and the health benefits and environment benefits outweigh the cost by a bazilion times. Oh how I'm going to love having cleaning products where I actually know what all 5 ingredients listed on the label. So refreshing!

Drew's totally on board with all of this also, even though he does call me a crunchy hippie from time to time.

And we're back..

We got back yesterday afternoon from our week and a half in Iowa.We had a great time with family and friends and an awesome Christmas. It was harder for me to get into the Christmas Spirit this year, as I found out the week before that my grandma in Sweden isn't doing good, and is getting moved to hospice. This has been hard to deal with so far away, and I was trying to get there the day after Christmas- but by then she had taken a turn for the worse over night and is on so much morphine she is pretty much asleep 24 hrs a day. Very sad.

I figured I'd join up with Taylor's Top Two today to get back into blogging after my time off so here it is.

Top Two New Years Resolutions

1. Lose the last 5 lbs. I've been wanting to lose for Ever. We want to have another baby in the nearish future- but before getting pregnant I'd love to lose those last few lbs. To do this I plan on  trying to cut out all pop--eeeek!, drink a lot more water and do 20-30 min a day on my elliptical I bought as a wedding present to myself in November.

2. Get and stay more organized. I'm not a very organized person by nature, but I WANT to be, so I plan on spending some time at the Container Store very soon and figuring out a better system, especially for Jasper's millions of toys.

What are some of your new years resolutions?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'll be MIA for a while

And I'm kind of excited about it. It used to bother me coming back home (to small town Iowa) from college breaks to no cable and very shady internet service. But now? I kind of love it. A chance to distance myself from blogger,facebook,twitter,email for a week and a half is kind of refreshing once in a while. So from this evening till the 27th I will be relaxing in Snowy Iowa. I've got play dates, girls night outs, coffee dates and some relaxing time with my mom planned. Could not be more excited. Not to mention family time and our ikea trip!

Jasper and I are taking the train tonight and then Drew will come next weekend just for a long weekend and then we will drive back together.

Hope everyone has an amazing Christmas!

Cookie date!

Last week we met up with friends for our annual cookie decorating party. Last year it was at our place so I was relieved it was at a friends this year. 5 two year olds making dozens of cookies is verry messy! This year they were all obviously 3 and did so much better. They Actually sat still!

Okay this is NOT a good pic- but kinda funny how we both have the same expression?
All the munchkins
Why yes this is my son dressed up as a bumblebee with a skirt. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


My three year old (almost 3 and a half) still sleeps in a crib. Why you ask? Because all of my friends with three year olds transitioned their kids from cribs to beds right before they turned two and Every. Single. One. of their kids stopped napping. That was a warning to me- hell NOOO was mine going to stop napping. And here we are 6 months after theirs all stopped napping and we are still going 1.5-2 hours worth of solid nap time Every day. Oh and he sleeps 12 hours at night also. So yah, this kid is staying in his crib for a while. I'm hoping we will keep him in the crib till we move in March. It's not that he doesn't know how to climb out. He has done it twice over the past 6 months. But he knows he isn't allowed to climb out of he doesn't.

On another note..we are making a trip to Twin Cities of Christmas to see my brother and go to IKEA! So freakin excited. I've only been to Ikea in Sweden so I'm pumped.


I will be bringing this beauty home. I Really want to get it in red- but with this couch I would need all white walls, and very minimal decorations, so I think I'll probably go with black or dark grey instead. But they have removable covers so someday I WILL get the red one.


And Drew wants one of these- we had these in our furnished apartment in Sweden, and they are SO comfortable. And don't take up a ton of room either. 

And we Might have to get this for jasper. You can flip this bed upside down and it becomes a bunkbed!! Amazing right? 

Monday, December 13, 2010

You know you are getting old when....

The only thing you want for Christmas is......Organic Cleaning Supplies!! Sad huh? But oh boy am I excited for it. For a gift my mom is signing me up with Melaleuca, all natural and organic cleaning supplies (among some other things) and I get to pick out two months worth of stuff! $150 worth of organic cleaning supplies? Yess please! So I just spent the last hour going through the magazine- So excited!!

We made the switch to all organic food a while ago, and now we are switching to all organic cleaning supplies, detergent, toothpaste etc. Basically everything! Merry Christmas to us!!

What are you guys excited about getting? I never thought I'd see the day when cleaning supplies would excite me, but colorado is changing me into a hippy for sure.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Steppin Out Saturday: Disney on Ice!!

Saturday Jasper and I had a day date. Or I guess it was more of a group date since two other moms ( and an aunt) joined us. Four adults and four three year olds made our way down to the Pepsi Center in Denver for Disney on Ice. It. Was. Awesome. I'm pretty sure the moms might have enjoyed it more than the kids.

Not only were our seats directly in front of the ice, we had a suite! My friend ( in the black) got the tickets from work so we got to sit in their suite. With out that I don't think our outing would have been as successful or fun. When the kids got tired of sitting they could get up and walk around a little. When they had to go to the bathroom we had to walk 10 feet behind us to our own private bathroom. When they wanted a snack, we opened the door and we were right by the concession stands. I'm now convinced sitting in a suite is the Only way to attend an event like that with three year olds.

Clearly thrilled to be sitting on my lap for 5 seconds

Jasper and his BFFs
On Mamma
Dress: Forever 21
Tights: JCREW- they make the Best, warmest tights
Boots(can't see) Steve Madden

On Jasper
Shirt: Target
Jeans: Baby GAP

After Disney on Ice we get home and napped- yes even mamma, I was TIRED. Then we got ready again and headed out to a Christmas party where I spent the night trying to avoid overly flirty middle aged men. Jasper went and hung out with a friend (the blonde in the pic.) so we were Jasper free for the evening! He had a blast with Ella and her mom (and we watched her the night before while her parents went out for dinner with friends) so it worked out Perfectly!

On Mamma
Dress: Ginatricot (purchased in Sweden)
Belt: Forever 21
Tights: Forever 21
Boots: Forever 21...can ya guess my favorite store?

Go to to check out every else's SOS outfits

Friday, December 10, 2010

Little Girls Room

No I am not pregnant. But hope to be in the near future! Nor will I probably have a girl- girls run Very few and far between on the hubs side (booo) but if I do..I envision her room something like this.

Simple white walls with bright colors...Love this so much.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All about J

Right now you...
Go to bed around 7:30 and wake up between 7 and 8
You take a nap around 1 and sleep anywhere from 1.5 till 2 hrs. 
You Have to sleep with your 'bluey' and your red bity(what you call a blanket for some adorable reason)
You will eat Anything. Seriously Anything. Have yet to find something you will not eat.
Your favorite movies are Harry Potter (any and all of them) and Pippi in Swedish, if I try to put an American Pippi movie on you tell me it's not the real Pippi..and you are so right.
You love to help me with laundry, its seriously your favorite thing ever. 
Are saying more and more words in Swedish, which thrills your mamma
Are constantly saying "Mamma, your my best fwiend" "Mamma, your my favorite" I never tire of hearing that
Ask me everyday if you can sleep with me, and every day I answer 'maybe soon', and soon we Will kick pappa out and you can cuddle with me all night, because those nights are the best.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Steppin Out Saturday

On Friday night we headed over to a friends house for a Christmas party. It was for the kids- but the delicious food and wine made it an adult friendly party as well. My friend had arranged it so santa was going to come by on the firetruck- come it and talk to all the kids and give them a little gift. Such a great idea!! It was much more personal than the 2 seconds with the mall santa. Jasper LOVED it.

On mamma
Dress: Target
Tigts: Forever 21
Cardigan: Forever 21

On Jasper
Sweater: Bought last year in Sweden and it finally fits!!
Jeans: Baby GAP
Shoes: From our October wedding.

If you want to play along head over to

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Reminiscing..Sweden part 3

My Stockholm Adventure:AKA The Hunt for Prince Carl Philip

A few weeks after we got back from Ljusdal it was time for my first SOLO trip in Sweden. Also, my first weekend away from Jasper. Ever. As my boys dropped me off at the train station I couldn't even fight back the tears as I kissed my baby boy goodbye, He was 19 months and I'd only spent one night away from him- and that didn't even count since I left him at 7:30(his bedtime) and was back as he was eating breakfast.

I was going to Stockholm to meet Sofie, Jessica and Kerstin. (three besties from childhood in Ljusdal.) Jessica and Kerstin lived in Stockholm(though on opposite ends and hadn't seen each other since they graduate highschool!!) and sofie was driving down from Ljusdal. It was a three hour train ride, and it passed so quickly sitting there sipping my coffee and reading my book trying to keep myself distracted from the fact that I was going to be away from my baby for 50ish hours.

I get goosebumps whenever I think about Stockholm. It's the most beautiful place I have ever been. And not that I've been everywhere but compared to anywhere in the states I have been, Thailand, Bali Indonesia, the Caribbean, all Hawaii islands, and a few other parts of Europe- no where else compares to the beauty of this old city, built on 14 islands.

Some of the hi-lites?
1. Double decker(closed in) tour of Stockholm. (Jessica lives there but was More than willing to do all the touristy stuff with us) It was a hop on hop off bus, so if we saw somewhere we wanted to stop- we just pushed a button and the bus stopped as soon as safely possible. Then when could hop back on anytime we wanted to for the whole weekend. Definitely recommend!


2. Seeing old buildings and museums. Crazy being in a place with building hundreds of years old than this country!!

I thought this one looked like it belonged at Hogwarts.

This tower thing. I can't remember the name of it..but we went up it and it was HIGH. 

3. Amazing dinner at a mongolian place where the prime minister was shot(many years ago)

4. A boat ride to the other side of Stockholm. We stood outside while it was misty/foggy, everyone thought we were crazy but it was such amazing views I couldn't sit inside!

5. A Swedish "party" that Kerstin was invited too and brought us all along.

6. THE SHOPPING- I was too busy exploring all the stores to get a picture of any of this. Not surprising really.

7. Seeing the castle- I'm slightly obsessed with monarchys, and wanted to see the royal family (esp. the prince who was newly single) but no such luck...on this trip anyway :)

8. Exploring Gammla Stan, Old Town, and standing in a teeeeny road.

ANd most importantly- getting some much needed MOMMY time and getting to spend time with these three amazing ladies. We bonded so much this weekend, hopefully the first of Many trips like these. **We have vowed to get together every year, in a different country or city and so far we are two for two!