Thursday, September 23, 2010

I get that my son has long hair..but seriously? 4 people in an hour think he looks like a girl?

Maybe I just don't see it since I see him all day every day. But looking at my son, I don't think he resembles a girl. Yes he has some feminine features, like mile long eye lashes. And okay when the wears the occasional purple or maroon shirt (I get sick of blue) I can even KIND of get it. But when he is wearing this? 

4 different people stopped us today at Whole Foods and the post office to tell me what a sweet/cute little girl I have. One even looked at me like " Are you sure?" when I informed her he was a boy. Yes lady, thats my SON and yes, I'm pretty positive. On a side note- he has an obsession (okay we both do) with hats, and refused to take that one off even though its high 70's today. He did take it off for part of his Little Gym class though- but that's only because kids kept trying to take it. 

And yesterday was day 4 of the spray tan and I'm still LOVING the color! The weird streaky thing went away and I could not be more pleased with the color. 
Picture is from Tuesday night when we went out with two couples- neither who I had ever met but Drew knew both the guys from work. After I got home that night Drew informed me that one of the girls we had dinner with, her dad is the former governor of CO. Crazy huh? 


  1. NO way he is all boy! LOVE his hair!

  2. I don't think he looks like a girl. I think he looks adorable. And by looking at your pictures, I think we live in the same apartment complex. ;)

    Green Momma,