I started blogging at the end of 2008 as we (my husband and our then 18 month old son) were preparing to study abroad in Karlstad, Sweden for 7 months. While we were abroad I blogged to keep our families updated on our lives. When we came back and I no longer had our travels to update everyone on and I felt myself missing it terribly, so that's where Tales of a Young Mamma came from.

Our lives have since changed so much; a marriage, four moves and another baby later, and I'm no longer the 'young mamma' I was almost 4 years ago. In fact one of these I should probably change the name of my blog since I'm pushing 28 (gasp) but until I can come up with something new, it stays!

I blog mostly about our crazy/hectic/amazing life in Denver, Colorado with the coolest kids on the planet, First grader Jasper and toddler Tindra. Besides family, my biggest passions are traveling and photography, and one day I will find a way to make the two a career!

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