Thursday, September 2, 2010


As we speak (type) I SHOULD be backing for our trip since I'll be leaving in roughly 2.5 hours, but my lunch is in the oven so I've got a few minutes.

We are driving back to Iowa for the weekend. YAAY. It definitely took me moving out of Iowa to Really appreciate the simpleness and beauty that is the midwest. Makes me really appreciate it and look forward to every visit. This weekend a good friend is getting married AND our old babysitters from sweden (like back when I was 3) are coming to visit. Actually they are already there now- but we get to see them this weekend! They were like grandparents to us in Sweden when I was younger, and we got the chance to visit them last year while there. Suuuper excited to see them- the catch? They only speak Swedish. But it's great practice for me!

Oooh and I also get to have my final fitting for my wedding dress tomorrow! So I better not even gain 1 lb inbetween now and end of october!

Hope everyone has a fabulous labor day weekend!

Oh and it was in the high 50's/low 60's all morning! I was quick to bust out the skinny jeans and boots! Goodbye high 90's, hello fall.

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