Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekly Organic Meal: Chicken, Thai inspired meal.

Since we have decided to go organic I have decided I'm going to TRY to come up with one, delicious, healthy ORGANIC meal every week. If anyone has any suggestions for yummy, healthy meals I'd love to hear them! I'm especially trying to make meals that can be used well for leftovers as well since eating all organic is quite expensive- but if it can be used as left overs instead of tossing it like we used to do then we might not spend way more money every week than before eating organic.

Sunday night I made a yummy Chicken dish that was loved by everyone! I don't have a recipe, but its something similar to an amazing dish my friend Sofie made when we visited them in Sweden last winter. We don't have the same ingredients here as there so its definitely different, but still so good!

Ingredients: (all organic)
Noodle sticks (or rice noodles)
a container of sour cream
most of a small container of whipping cream
chicken (chopped into pieces about the size of my pinkie)
soy sauce
a little bit of salt and pepper

1.Sautee the chicken in a little veg. oil
2.In a pan bring the sour cream and whipping cream to a boil
3. Add in soy sauce- I can't tell you how much because I do everything to taste, but it should turn kind of a tan color (then add in a little salt)
4. When chicken is done, add into the pan with creams and add cashews
5.Boil rice noodles- for about 4 minutues

Add sauce to the noodles and voila you've got a delicious, organic meal!

We had it for lunch yesterday and I think it was even better after it had been sitting in the sauce over night- Drew also took it to lunch and was disapointed there wasn't any leftovers today to take with as well.

Next time I think I will use slightly bigger noodles though, that is the only thing I would do differently.

The pictures don't do the meal justed- its MUCH better than it looks.


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