Sunday, September 19, 2010

So I tried the spray tan!

I was confused and thought I had called and made an appointment for someone to spray it on me- as everyone seems to think that's the best way to go- but when I got there I was informed they don't do that- and since it's still 5 weeks till the wedding I figured I would go ahead and give it a shot in the booth.

The whole time I was super nervous that I was going to pull a Ross and not get turned around in time (if you haven't seen that Friends episode you must, its hilarious. But I didn't. I got turned around in time.

So far (its been 22 hours) I love the color, it's not orangy at all as some said it would be. My complaints? The palms of my hands are slightly orange, but not too bad. My friend who does this every couple of weeks told me to make sure to wash my hands and feet right after getting out so they wouldn't turn orange. I forgot to do this. So at least I know what to do next time. Also? I have a weird streak down the back of my legs (in the Exact same spot)!! I have no idea what to do about this!! But I still think I'll get one before the wedding because obviously my legs are covered up by my dress. I'll post before and after pics!


  1. That episode of Friends is one of my favorites- it makes me laugh every time I see it!! Glad to hear it worked well for you- I have always been too scared to try it, but maybe now I should :)

  2. I love that episode too! I can't wait to see the pics!