Thursday, September 23, 2010

I think Jasper Might have enough hats for fall/winter..

He has at least two more not pictured here because I'd forgotten I'd bought him them a couple of months ago, and there is one more GAP hat that is to die for but they didn't have it in his size (my 3 year old has a head the size of a 7 year old, true story) and I'll have to pick up an Hanna Andersson hat as well because I always get him one, but then we are SET!

And about half of these are from last winter and amazingly enough still it's not like I bought him 15 hats This year alone..thats better right?  I can't help it though- its a lot harder accessorizing a little boys outfit. But hats? I can throw one  on and instantly the outfit is cuter. Plus we live in Colorado people! Hats are totally necessary for fall and winter here. So I admit, I go a little overboard with little boy hats. Whats one baby/toddler item you go overboard on?


  1. Eeek! I haven't even bought my son one yet! I go overboard on jeans for him! I love toddler jeans!

  2. Oh this sounds like my life. I go over board on everything haha :)