Sunday, September 12, 2010

Senior citizens yoga..

That's what I thought I had signed up for when I walked into a yoga class at our local rec center this morning. I have never in my life done yoga. I have done a few pilates DVDs and gone to a couple of pilates classes (months ago) but I have never done yoga, even though I live in Colorado, which has got to be the hippie/yoga capital of the world.

When I got to the rec I realized I had looked at Saturdays schedule not Sundays and there were no pilates classes on Sundays and since I got my ass out of bed and came all the way here I was going to do Something. But me and cardio? We don't get along. In fact I hate her with a passion. Anything that is going to get me breathing heavily and sweating? No thanks. But yoga, okay I'd give it a try.

I walk in 5 min early and there is No one under the the age of 60 in the class, except for maybe the instructor who I thought was like 40 but then when she started talking about her grandson writing stories or something I figured she is probably a little older than 40 if she has a grandchild that can write. I kept waiting for the 'young people' to come in. NOPE. There were 12 adults- in their 60's and yes, even 70's. A mix of men and women. And then there was me. Who has never done yoga in my life.

I thought at first well great, at least I'll be able to keep up with these oldies who may or may not have had hip replacements. Oh how wrong I was. These men and women could do things with their bodies I could never even imagine. At one point I'm in between two gentlemen (i believe late 60's or early 70's) and they both have BOTH of their LEGS BEHIND THEIR HEADS. It was sick, in an extremely fascinating way. Could I get even ONE of my legs anywhere near my head? oh hell now. But now I must go back and figure out how to get flexible enough to be able to keep up with the senior citizens.

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