Thursday, September 9, 2010

If you pray..please pray for this to stop

When we got home from our 4 day weekend 3 am Tuesday morning I noticed a weird smell right when I walked in my door. Maybe if I had been thinking clearly- which I def. wasn't at 3 am- I would have noticed that it smelled outside too, but I didn't. I thought it was our apartment that smelled weird. I couldn't name the smell- and the only thing different at our place was that my cousin who just moved out here to get his masters at DU was staying at our place for a few days. He has cystic fibrosis and spends 30 minutes twice a day hooked up to this nebulizer thing blowing out steam with his medicine.

I was getting ready to ask if he knew what that weird smell was when I saw all of his medicine set up on the table and he said he had just gotten done doing it. I immediately felt like a major bitch because I almost just asked him what the weird smell was when it clearly was his medicine that is keeping him alive. Right?

Wrong. The smell I was smelling in my apartment was from the gas/fire going on about 12 miles down the road in Boulder. It's been going on for over 4 days now, and they think it could be another 10 before it's controlled. Over 160 houses have been destroyed, and they are expecting more to be before it's over. The crazy and truly amazing thing is there have been no reported injuries.

Today I have seen signs everywhere asking for donations for used clothing etc, and of course I'll be getting stuff ready to go have donated, but the thing about these homes that were destroyed is that they are million dollar houses/mansions at the base of the mountain and I kind of doubt the people living there even want our used clothing.. But nevertheless I will get some stuff together and hope someone gets some use out of it.


  1. I hope they get it under control soon. What caused the fire?

  2. I guess someone backed into a propane tank? That and it's rained maybe three times here this summer for probably a total of 2 hours doesn't really help..