Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our weekend and a delicious meal to try!

The weekend, as always, went by way to fast. Drew works so much and so hard during the week that we barely see him- but weekends are Our time.

Friday night we intended to watch an Entourage DVD we got from Netflix- but I wanted to show him something on Youtube and from that song I wanted to show him we hopped around on there and the next thing we know we have been sitting in front of youtube listening to amazing music for almost 3 hours! So that was our Friday night.

Saturday I got up early to hit up some garage sales in our town. Twice a year they have garage sales for the community and soo many people participate in them. These are the only garage sales I ever go to, because the average price for a house in the community that we live in (we live in a condo) is around 400,000, so the stuff is usually pretty nice! I ended up just getting Jasper a bunch of toys- that he most definitely did NOT need and a few books. Then I went to an early morning pilates class (ive done one before) and i loooved it- but surprisingly I wasn't as sore from that as from yoga- I would have thought it would be the other way around. After that I came home and made lunch for my boy. During Jasper's nap Drew and I folded a TON of laundry, then I went and did the spray tan and Drew got a haircut. Followed by ice cream and a movie night with my love.

Sundays are my favorite day of the week. This past Sunday was 94 degrees (toooo hot in my opinion) so we ran some errands, did some grocery shopping, I got some quality ALONE time in Barns and Nobles where I had a GC to use and then we let Jasper play in Boulder Creek. Drew hung some shelving things (explain later) while I made us a delicious organic meal (which I'll explain in next post)


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  2. This looks SO good! I will have to try it!