Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I've majorly got it. One of my closest friends back in IA just had a baby boy, several more there are pregnant, and one of my closest friends here in CO found out on Monday she is pregnant! I've had the fever for a while now, but it hasn't been the right time. Drew was finishing up school and starting a new job plus the whole getting married in October deal made us want to wait as well :) But when is the Right time?!?! Most of me is saying NOOOWWWW!! But thinking ahead right NOW isn't the best time either. We have plans to travel to Sweden at the beginning of next July for a friends wedding/vacation/late honeymoon- and doing that with a newborn probably isn't the absolute best idea (especially since I will most likely have to have a scheduled c-section next time around and I know the recovery could take a while.) Also I wouldn't really want to be like 7-8 months pregnant either, and you aren't supposed to fly the last 30 days I've heard so that's out of the question.

 And I need to take into consideration that I was really sick the first 3 months with Jasper- I mean throwing up 12-15 times a day, all day kind of 'morning sickness'. So spending thousands of dollars to go to Europe and being sick the entire wouldn't be the best. So I'm thinking being 4-6 months pregnant would be ideal. That for me was the' honeymoon' stage of pregnancy. I wasn't sick or even very tired anymore. I wasn't huge yet, it was actually perfect. But that only gives me a three month window when we decide to start trying! Decisions decisions.

I had to add in some baby Jasper pictures. And the pregnancy picture is of me two weeks over due heading into the hospital Aug. 2nd to be induced. 20 hrs later I was a mamma!


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  2. Awww! I totally have baby fever too! We have decided we're not going to 'try' but if it happens it happens. I don't have any kids right now, but I know about 16 people that are either pregnant or just had a baby within the last year - most of them have had their babies so now the number of 'pregnant' ladies is dying down - but the number with babies is going up! It's crazy that seeing everyone else with their babies makes us want one of our own so badly!

  3. I can totally relate! All my friends are pregnant and I have major baby fever too!

  4. Beautiful pics! I'm 30 now with 3 kids and STILL have bouts of baby fever, lol. Great pics!

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