Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Break. Jaspers version of it anyway.

Jasper's spring break was a couple of weeks ago, and since it was his first 'official' spring break I wanted to make it as special and fun as possible.

We went to an indoor pool filled with slides, a lazy river and pool playground.

We had playdates with friends he doesn't get to see very often since they are in different schools.

We did a lot of baking!

We went to the zoo.

We had a mamma/Jasper date where we went out for ice cream and to a movie.

We went to the library. Decorated easter eggs and went to several different parks.

Lots of fun stuff right? All packed into the first 5 days of his spring break. Then on the last day, he got sick. Then stayed home from school for another two days After spring because of said illness.

So when he went back to school, he got to make a book about how he spent his spring break. I gave him plenty of material, so it should have been an exciting book to create. Right?

Here's Jasper spring break book.

 A picture of himself (I guess) with the caption " I don't feel good"
 And here's a picture of him throwing up different colors of gatorade. 

And here he shares all the different places he threw up. 'I throw up in a bowl (bole) I throw up on the floor. I throw in my room and I throw up in the living room. It was not fun'
At least he concluded with this. In case you can't read 5 year old writing/spelling " My mom took care of me when I was sick" and theres a bald me. And a very long haired Jasper.

So while apparently he quickly forgot all the fun outings we did, at least he remembered that I took care of him. It's the little things right? 

Monday, April 29, 2013


At One
you weigh 18 pounds even and you are 29 inches long.

You are the happiest baby I've ever met. You smile at anyone that even looks at you!

You are an amazing sleeper like Jasper always one. Over a 2 hour morning nap, another 1.5 afternoon nap and 11 hours at night. Blessed!

Love books. Sitting in someones lap while they read to you is pure joy for you. And me.

Can stand alone for about a minute. The first time you stood alone you realized what you had done, immediately sat down and started clapping for yourself.

You clap- a Lot. You clap when someone has done a good job at something. You clap when someone leans in and kisses you. You clap when you are done eating. You clap when I'm in the middle of changing your diaper-but that clap I'm pretty sure means all done. 

You are Always on the move. You have be crawling, cruising, exploring.

Love food. Period. All food, any food. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Birthday Girl.

I'm still waiting on pictures for her party on Saturday, my friend Cyndi was nice enough to take pictures, so we will skip right to her birthday which was on Sunday!

Also, it's been quiet around here because I've felt like death for this past week, and finally after the 2nd night in a row of having coughing fits so hard I was throwing up (joy!) I went into urgent care where I had this breathing treatment thing and was sent home with antibiotics and an enhaler for my bronchitis.

Anyway. Moving on!

Tindra of course woke up bright and early on her birthday ready to Party. And party we did!

 I attempted to make banana pancakes for the first time, and I'd say it was a success! She loved them!

 After breakfast it was present time! This little girl was Spoiled! Presents arrived from many different states. I'm so glad my kids have so many people that love and want to celebrate them. Even if they couldn't be here for her day, they sent their love (and gifts!)

 After opening gifts and playing with them for a while she took a nice 2.5 hr nap (her new thing!) and then we headed off to lunch and to play at Wash Park.

 "Hey this is how Tindra was a year ago in my belly"

 After another nap it was cake time. Which she obviously hated. 

Still can't believe this little girl is ONE. I mean, how did that happen? 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hazel And Olive

Let's talk about my new love, Hazel and Olive. My old blogging buddy Taylor, who is a major fashionista (seriously, best taste in clothing) opened up an online boutique, and ever since she opened it up late last fall I've been hooked! I kid you not, I got up once at 3 AM to make a purchase because I knew it would sell out in seconds (it did) and I'm not a morning person, so if that doesn't prove my love for H&O, nothing will.

She offers amazing, boutique style clothing for really, I mean really reasonable rates. AND free shipping! And her costume service is hands down The best. I've never come across a company of any kind with as amazing costumer service. If you have a question (and people do, I see dozens of questions on her stores face book page daily) she is On it.  And the one thing lacking in any place I've ever ordered online is an actual person telling you if it's going to fit your body type right. Well, you get that here! She will actually tell customers if an item runs big, or small, if they should size up, or down. And somehow she even remembers what size I normally buy, because when I was going to order a maxi skirt (I've already bought two from her!) she reminded me that this new skirt I wanted runs smaller/tighter and suggested going up to a medium unless I wanted it to be form fitting. Seriously amazing right?

If you haven't checked out Hazel and Olive on facebook yet, you Need to! That's where she posts daily updates on when items are coming back in stock, and posts all new arrivals. She always gives plenty of warning when new items are going to be posted, and when you see something you love (which you will) grab it quickly because items move Fast!

Taylor was kind enough to send me this maxi dress,(ah LOOK they have it in orange now!!) which I'm totally in love with, but I'd bought at least 8 or 9 items before she sent me that and I've since placed an order as well! Like I said, obsessed. I can buy a dress at target or H&M for pretty much the same prices, but guarantee every time I wear one of those items I'll see 5 others wearing the same thing. Every time I've worn a Hazel and Olive piece I get so many people asking where it's from, and have Never seen anyone with the same items (except for Molly once or twice) but that just means she has great style as well.

Dress: c/o  Hazel and Olive
Clogs: c/o Moheda
Cardigan: Old, Forever 21
Dirty hair: c/o not washing it for 5 days

On Tindra: 
Dress: Target