Monday, September 20, 2010

Spray Tan: Before and After

These aren't very good pictures because of bad timing, lighting etc. And the first one I clearly was not ready but we were in a hurry to get this spray tan and a haircut for Drew so it is what it is. The leg pic shows the weird streak- but I think that was how I wiped my leg off after so I should be able to correct that next time. The slightly orange palms are gone so I'm left with a color that so far I love! Depending on how the color looks tomorrow I'm thinking Wednesday will be the best time to get it done since our wedding is Saturday evening. If I shower Wednesday before I'll be fine with not showering till Friday and wont be showering Saturday because my hair stylist says my hair is to long and thick and wont hold curl if its newly washed. Good thing I don't like to shower every day anyway!


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