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You have probably seen this all around the blogging world over the last couple of days. And here's another one! Erica over at Mi Todo tagged me so here it is! 


1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you've tagged them.

This picture brings back AMAZING memories- it's from the end of June in Stockholm this summer. Right after leaving the bar at 3 AM. And also shows why Sweden is known as the land of the midnight sun! Basically 24 hrs of sunlight in the summer! 
11 Things about ME
1.I have lived in (in order) Florida, The Virgin Islands, South Carolina, Stockholm; Sweden, Ljusdal;Sweden, Bali; Indonesia, back to Ljusdal, Sweden, Iowa, Denver & Boulder, CO Karlstad, Sweden and now back in Denver. 

2. I love to MOVe and I love to travel. Crazy I know. I don't like the actual act of moving (packing etc.) but I don't like to stay in one place for too long! I get antsy and ready to move onto a new neighborhood, town, state or even country. 

3.Touching chalk makes me want to throw up. Even THINKING about touching chalk makes me gag. I feel bad for J because he loves it, and I will sit out with him while he does it but I can NOT NOT touch it. Same with cotton balls. Can't do those either. Just thinking about pulling apart cotton balls makes me skin crawl. Is there something seriously wrong with me? 

4. Dad is 100% Swedish (born and raised) and my mom is 100% Italian (not born and raised) which makes me 50-50! A purebreed as I like to joke to my mutt husband :) Most American's are mutts including my son so obviously it's just a joke and not to be taken offensively! 

5.We moved around a lot so people always assume we are a military family- NOPE, my dad is an executive chef and goes around working in a bunch of different restaurants and even cruise ships. Though he was in the army as well, but not why we moved. He did that for 'fun'- his words not mine. He would go and do the bootcamps and one weekend a month thing to 'relax.' 

6. Studying abroad as a family of three was my most favorite experience in the world. Our 7 months in Sweden was MAGICAL! Can't wait to move back someday.

7. My mom is my HERO- she raised 5 kids, on multiple continents mostly alone because my dad was gone so much for his job. Can you IMAGINE flying to asia (like 15 hr flights) with an infant, 3 yr old, 4 yr old, 6 yr old and 10 yr old? UGH not I. But she did it ALONE too many times to count. Like I said, Hero!

8.I'm the middle of five and I used to want 5 or 6 kids. Now I think 3-4. Probably 4. 2 of each would be perfect! But no rush! We are both only 25 so plenty of child bearing years left! 

9.I used to be a political science major with the plan to go to law school, but after having Jasper I simply can't imagine the kind of hours a sucessful lawyer would need to put in. And I have no interest in being away from my children like that. And with Drew's crazy career hours ( usually gone at Least 8AM to 7PM mon-friday often not home till 9 or 10) it wouldn't be fair on our kids. I never imagined being a SAHM but now I can't imagine being anything different- at least not while my kids are home! 

10. I would love to eventually open up an indoor play area (like Monkey Biz or something similar) or maybe a daycare center unlike any daycare centers in the US- one like in Sweden (and many other European countries) Where the focus is on free play and outdoor time. None of this 'kids only play outside if it's 40 degrees of more BS' either way kids are my favorite people and they are who I want to work with! 

11. I think I'm still discovering who I am. I was 20 when I got pregnant, and my world flipped upside down from a Sophmore in college to a mother almost overnight. I was still figure ME out. My whole life revolves around Jasper, and soon baby girl and I'm OKAY with that. It's what I chose. But it doesn't leave a whole of time to discover who I am outside of being a mother. But I'm not too worried about it. I'll figure out.

1. If you could only listen to 5 songs for the rest of your life, which songs would they be? The Scientist and Fix you by Coldplay, Flake by Jack Johnson-- those first three were easy because they are my favorite songs ever. Pretty much any Beatles song, but if I have to choose 2 more Id say Yesterday and Let it Be. Ah the Beatles 

2. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Switzerland, Italy and Greece are my top 3. In that order.

 3. What is one of your favorite childhood memories? I'd have to say the entire year we spent in Bali. The first 6 months we lived in a townhouse right next door to the hotel and the next 6 months in what you could only classify as a mini mansion (with 2 servants, a security guard and a driver, and a built in monkey cage on the side of the house WITH a pet monkey) and we were home schooled at that time and while we would make friends with Australian's who came to the luxury hotel my dad worked at they would only stay a few weeks so we really only had each other. And we were all so close. ANd we were living in paradise! Literally! 

4. If you were to get a new/your first tattoo, what would it be of? The only tattoo I have is a linblomma, a flower, like the state flower, of the region in Sweden I grew up in. If I get another tattoo it would also probably be on my foot and some sort of text, I LOVE text tattoo's but I don't know of what yet! 
5. Were you in any clubs in high school? Are you still interested in the same things? In high school I was in track, on the dance squad, in Mock Trial ( there were 8 of us and some were witnesses and others (me) were lawyers and we had to be both prosecution and defense and present our case and go against other teams) in choir, select choir and drama. I'm definitely NOT interested in running- though I wish I wash- and the only reason I was even in track was because my older boyfriend was the track star and convinced me to join. The running part sucked but I got to spend every day after school with him (or watching him kick those hurdles ass) so it was fun. Once he graduated my soph. year I was DONE. Dancing is still fun, I love to 'debate' so def. still interested in that. I love to sing and sometimes wish I was still in some sort of choir- I was a part of some sort of competitive choir for 12 years, often more than one, so once I got to college and didn't sing anymore I was bummed- still kind of am! Now I sing my heart out to Jasper every day though :) 

6. What is your favorite smell? Normally I would say Lily of the valley ( favorite flower!) but during this pregnancy I'm OBSESSED with Basque sugar body scrub smell. Seriously addicted to it. 
7. Do you believe in ghosts? Why? This is a hard question for me! I don't know! There have been a few instances where certain things make me believe there Might be something like a ghost or haunted place, but the logical side of me says NO! Let me tell you a little- when we lived in Bali, we had been there for 5-6 months when the whole hotel caught on fire and was mostly destroyed. I don't know how the fire started- but my dead was the head of the kitchen and if I remember correctly was there when it happened. Pretty much the whole hotel was destroyed- so we went back to Sweden while they rebuilt the hotel. I think it was about a year later when we went back to Bali when the hotel reopened. Pretty much every single room of the very large (ten story) hotel was destoryed. Except one room. On the 3rd floor. All the rooms above it- below it- next to it, all destroyed, and this room didn't have Any damage. They kept the room intact exactly how it was when they rebuilt because they were convinced it was haunted. People could come in to look at this room, and offerings were made, and people would come from far away to pray and meditate in there. I remember going in there- and even at 8-9 years old I knew there was something special about this room. I don't know what. Ghosts? Who knows! But people who stayed on this floor were convinced there was something going on in that room when no one was around!

8. If you could change one thing about your body would you change anything? What would it be? Not really fair to ask an 8 month pregnant mamma! Right now there are tons of things I would change- but before I got pregnant for the 2nd time I was satisfied with my body. Sure a pound here or there could have gone away, but other than that I would say no! I'd love to get back to that after giving birth again. But know it might not. Thats over a year and a half my body has spent growing life and then nursing life afterwards so I expect changes to happen and I'm OKAY with that (most days!)

9. What fictional character (movie, t.v. show, or book) do you most relate to? I've been racking my brain and having a hard time coming up with anyone! I guess in HS I could relate to Elena from The Vampire Diaries. I was torn between two brothers (horrible I KNOW!) but come on I was 15! Sure they weren't thousand year old vampires, but they were brothers and I ended up hurting one of them. Not cool. But I did go on to date the older brother for 2 years and then on and off for a little when he was in College and me still in HS. First love!! 

10. If you could meet any famous person from the past or present, who would it be? So superficial but I'd love to meet Robert Pattinson just so I could stare at him in person. Plus he's my 'freebie'... Also Rob Lowe. In love with him NOW- but if I could meet the Rob Lowe from St. Elmo's Fire? Oh swoon. 

11. Why did you start blogging? I started blogging before I even knew there was such a thing as a blogging community. I didn't know anyone who blogged- I didn't read any blogs, and the only ones who knew about mine were family members and a few friends. I wanted to remember our 7 months in Sweden studying abroad and update everyone on Jasper and our time there. When I came back i didn't blog for 6 months or so, and I decided I missed it. That's when I discovered other blogs and decided to start up a new one documenting Jasper since he was and still is changing so much and I wanted to remember EVERYTHING! As far as I can remember I've always been writing in a diary type book. In high school I filled SO many notebooks with my thoughts and feelings. Than my best guy friend passed away  and I couldn't deal with it. I couldn't write about it and I couldn't NOT write about it. So I put the pen down and that was it with my journaling days. Recently I found a diary from when I was 7 in Sweden! It's SO funny to see what I wrote. 

Okay and now for the 11 questions

1.What's your dream career
2. Biggest goal you have ever accomplished
3.Favorite meal to make for dinner
4. Favorite holiday/why
5.Weirdest illness you have ever had
6.Favorite place on earth
7.Favorite book or movie EVER -why
8.If you could switch places with anyone in the world who would it be and why
9.How many kids do you want- is it similar to what you grew up with? Example I want 5 kids and came from a family of 5. Drew wants 3 and came from a family of 3. We compromise with probably want 4. 
10.Favorite store to shop
11.What was the last thing you bought for yourself (food doesn't count) 

And I tag...ALL OF YOu! If you haven't done it yet do it and link back and let me know so I can come check it out!! 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

If you asked me how I'm doing..

and I was being 100% honest? I'd tell you... I'm tired. Really tired. Like tired enough to lay in bed and sleep all day tired. I'd tell you the reason I'm always so tired. Because I literally can NOT sleep at night. For several reasons. One being for the past 2 months I've been so congested between the hours of 7PM and 9 AM. It's like clockwork. I though I just had a bad cold, but my OB informed me last month it's just a pregnancy thing that some women get, they create a lot of extra flem and mucusy crap and it has nowhere to go. So I can't breathe at night. When I do doze off, I walk up feeling like I'm drowning because it feels like I have a giant brick on my chest. 

Also, the hip pain. That's not helping with the sleeping situation. I have to switch sides about every 30-40 min., and each side flip requires moving pillows around in between my legs and around my hips.

And if I was really being honest, I'd tell you about how tired I am to wake up with a (minor) bloody nose every morning. This has been going on since about week 15-16, I don't know if it's a pregnancy thing, though I would assume it is, plus the dryness of a Colorado winter? Either way, it's not pleasant. But like I said it's minor and as soon as I blow my nose a few times, it's gone.

I'd tell you how sitting, in any position is extremely uncomfortable. Why you would maybe ask? I would tell you it's a combination of my tailbone that I broke sleep walking Jr. year of high school (story for another day) and baby pressure on it and it's constantly sore (when not pregnant it's only sore if I sit still for more than a couple of hrs at a time, which doesn't happen often, but 9 hr flights? Pure hell) So a combination of the broken tailbone in the back and a very sore hoohah. I didn't have this at ALL last pregnancy. It just constantly feels like someone kicked me with a steal toed boot in my vagina. Pleasant image huh?

If you were Still listening and wondering how I was REALLY doing, I'd tell you I'm really sick of my dry skin this pregnancy. Again, not sure if it's JUST pregnancy related since I never got it with Jasper- but I was pregnant in Iowa (mostly in the spring and summer) and the humidity probably  helped with that problem. But Colorado is Always dry, and in the winter? While pregnant? Again miserable. I would tell you how I put my Mama mio oil on twice a day and it barely satisfies my itchy bell and boobs. And about how I sleep with vasaline liberally smeared all across my face and lips and I still wake up with skin cracking painfully and raw bloody lips. 

I'd maybe even complain about how my hips and butt have tripled in size and I can't stand to look in the mirror anymore. 

I'd tell you how grateful I am do be carrying this baby, and how guilty I feel for even uttering a single complaint, because I'd do it over and over again to have a healthy baby in my arms at the end of the 9 months. 

And then I would suck it up and not complain to you again because really Nobody wants to hear someone whine and complain. And the next time you asked how I was doing? I'd answer with my typical "I'm doing good!"

Because I am. I'm good. I'm healthy. My son is healthy. My Daughter is healthy and growing. family is healthy. And I'm growing LIFE in my body. I'm great!

Thanks for asking. And listening. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Wanna sponsor swap?

I've got a couple lovely blogs set up to sponsor swap next month, let me know if you are interested as well!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Perfect Denver Saturday

Jasper playing in his room, allowing us to doze/sleep in till 8:45!
Followed by cuddling in bed watching a movie.

When we finally get up and get dressed we head to Panera for my favorite, a bacon and spinach souffle, and a blueberry muffin for Jasper
And then to Santiagos for Drew's favorite breakfast, spicy breakfast burritos..
And then to Starbucks for all of our favorite drinks.

We are finally ready to begin our morning at Wash Park. After an hour walk around the lake and park (with Jasper running ahead the whole time) we make our way back to the playground, where Jasper has the time of his life for the next hour, climbing, sliding, swinging.

Then it's Whole Foods to pick up things for lunch. On the menu? Fresh WARM baguette with brie and salami , juicy pineapple, grapes and strawberries. 

Jasper goes down for a late nap, Drew cleans the kitchen and I lay out on the porch soaking in the 58 degree Colorado sun. In February.

And that was our perfect Saturday. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Things NOT to say to a pregnant woman

You can't POSSIBLE get any bigger!!! When are you due???

Uhmm I thought you like, weren't, like, supposed to drink caffeine while pregnant? Are you SURE you want that carmel frappachino? We have some delicious caffeine free tea.

We have low fat bagels. You sure you don't want the low fat version instead? Probably better for you.

Are you sure you aren't having twins? 

Wow you look...tired.

These are just statements I've heard this week. Anyone else have any 'Things NOT to say to a pregnant woman' to add? 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

30 weeks 4 days

How far along: 30 weeks 34days 
Size of Baby: Head of lettuce, 18 inches and 3.2 lbs

Total Weight Gain:  Still sitting at around 22 I think give or take a pound. My doctor's office is always up and down though depending on the shoes I wear-at home I weigh myself naked in the morning so that's what I'm going off of- not if I wore 4 lb biker boots. Might seem silly but that makes a difference! And telling a hormonal pregnant woman she's gained 8 lbs in a month without taking into account that shes wearing huuuge boots instead of the ballet slippers from the previous month? Come on shoes matter people! And that would get my OB to spare the lecture on not gaining an weight in 4 weeks like last time when really I had gained a few lbs, I was weighed wearing 4 extra lbs of shoes last time. Seriously they weigh that much I weighed them by themselves! Soon it's flip flop weather and then I'll feel better after my OB appointments :) 

Maternity Clothes: Still a mixture- last week I wore my fat jeans, non maternity, otherwise jeans are all maternity- tops are a mixture. I only have like 7-8 maternity shirts since I refused to buy any last time. But if they are long enough they work just fine. 

Gender: Girl! 
Movement:All. THe.Time. Especially at night- she's a little night owl! 
Sleep:Sleep? Whats's that? I can't sleep at all at night- but have no problem napping during the day when Jasper is sleeping (thank GOD for 4.5 year olds that still take a 1.5-2 hr nap every day) but night time? Forget it. I'm up every 20 min trying to get comfortable. 

What I miss: Sleep. Honestly think I'll sleep much better with a newborn. 
Cravings: Still into my carbs. 
Symptoms:Out of breath easily, pressure, hips and back ache, some braxton hicks started last week
What I’m looking forward to: April! 

I'm feeling more prepared now- baby girl has a closet stocked with clothes 0-6 months, and this weekend we hit up babies r us for the last things we 'needed' before baby gets here, stroller, swing, carseat, bottles, pacifier, more swaddle blankets..really think we are SET! 

In other pregnancy news- the last week or so whenever I lay down it feels like I have a large, heavy brick laying on my chest making breathing difficult. Anyone else get that? Probably not helping with the sleep department. 

It's so weird seeing my BUMP from different angles- it's looks larger from some side- and lumpy from others- which i promise you the bump is NOT lumpy.

Leggings: H&M maternity- I wish I had like 5 pairs of these, they are suuuper comfortable.
Knee Highs: H&M
Boots: Zulily
Dress: Or at least this Was a dress, now its more like a long shirt Forever 21- a mothers day present picked out by Jasper last year.
Long sleeved shirt: Gap Body- NON maternity but its so soft i wear it all the time. Not sure how much longer it will work though, it's inching up my belly.
Hat: my farmor's in Sweden. When I was there visiting last January I hadn't brought a hat, stupid huh? Northern Sweden in January, there were nights were it was -15 degrees and i would walk to the hospital from her apartment every day, a hat was necessary. Luckily she had a whole box of them sitting there so I wore this one. ANd kept it. It's super special to me, especially since she passed away weeks later. 
Scarf: Or Pashmina I should say- (that's what it says on tag) bought in Stockholm, I think in 2009.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kids in Delivery room?

Today I'm linking up with happenings of the harperhousehold  and  we don't have it all  and today's topic of friendly debate is Kids in Delivery room- yay or nay? For us, I definitely say NAY. I totally get why some would want their children in there, but for us that just wouldn't work. I've talked before about this time I'll be needing a c-section, so I'm pretty sure they wouldn't allow it anyway, but even if I wasn't, Jasper would not be in there during birth.

Here's why. Jasper is my sensitive soul. He was (and still is) the kid at the playground that gets upset when someone else is in pain. Even before he could walk, if he was at the park and a kid was crying or even just throwing a tantrum and looked upset- J would make his way over to the crying child and just stand there with his big brown eyes looking upset. He absolutely hates seeing anyone in pain, it stresses him out and makes him upset.

When it comes to ME being in pain or hurt? Forget about it, he's inconsolible. In March when I sprained my ankle I had twisted it so bad I blacked out for a second and couldn't get up- I yelled out once but seeing how terrified and upset Jasper was, I calmly (or as calmly as I could) reached for my phone and called Drew who ran home because he worked only a block away at the time. Jasper spent the whole next week propping his foot up along side mine with sympathy pain. 

When I had 16 weeks of morning sickness and was constantly throwing up, he would stand, with a worried look in the hall way watching me and as soon as I was done he would run over and hug me and at times even cry saying "But I don't waaaaant you to be sick." Like I said, he's super sensitive when it comes to others being sick or hurt.

Labor is painful. Long. And hard. If I had to be trying to focus on smiling through it all for Jasper I'm pretty sure I wouldn't make it. And I would never risk traumatizing him by him having to see mom in that much pain. Drew could barely handle labor because seeing me in that much pain was torture for him. Maybe if I'd had one of those 6 hr labors w 10 min of pushing I hear about it would be a different story, but Jasper's 20+ hr labor and 3+ hrs of pushing has me pretty firm on NO KIDS IN DELIVERY ROOM! 

And the blood? He could NEVER handle it nor would I want him to or expect him too. My sister, who was 19 at the time came in the delivery room 10 minutes after Jasper was born almost fainted at the sight of all the blood on the floor. And Jasper is only 4! True not everyone bleeds like I did with the hemmoraging and blood transfusion being brought in- but either way, not something I need my 4 year old to witness. Now if for some reason 8-9 years from now we are having a baby and this baby and possibly Jasper would want to be in the room? Then we could talk about it, but for now it's definitely a NAY for our family.

Our plan is for Jasper to have a sleep over at a friends house the night before I go in for my c-section, and these friends will bring Jasper to the hospital afterwards. Not sure how soon after since I don't really know how the c-section thing will work out but it will be a few hrs at least. Then he will stay there for a while, maybe go grab dinner with Drew and then go have a sleep over at a different friends house so he is distracted and having lots of fun!

What do you guys think? Would you consider having your child in the delivery room?

Happenings of the Harper Household

Monday, February 20, 2012

My baby essentials

There is SO much out there. Thousands of baby products that they make you believe you absolutely MUST HAVE. Well I'm here to let you in on a little secret. You don't actually need all that! Promise! Based on what we used and needed last time around here's my must have list for this time around. Most of this stuff we got rid of last time around (all we really kept were some favorite BOY clothes so we basically started from scratch)

Good bottles! Last time around we used Dr. Brown and they worked good- but I remember a major con of having to clean all those parts! Pain in the ass if you ask me. This time I've done some research and decided to try out Tommee Tippee. I've heard/read great things and they seem to most resemble the breast- and since I plan to nurse and pump (and formula if I have to I'm not anti formula) this seems like a great fit. We just bought a 3 pack to try out since they are easily available at Target and Drew can swing and pick some up right away if these work out great. If not it's back to the drawing board! 
Swaddle blankets/swaddlers 

We swaddled Jasper every time he slept for months and I SWEAR by them. I'm super excited to get to swaddle a baby again! Aden and anais are the BEST swaddle blankets out there that I've tried anyway, light weight and the perfect size. We had a few swaddlers last time too which worked good as well- but blankets are great because they can be used for burp clothes, to cover up a sleeping baby over car seat, for nursing, etc. We bought 2 4 packs to start off.

A swing!! Last time we had an old swing that someone gave to us, it worked okay but after seeing what was out there I was so excited to finally pick one up this weekend! We went with this one except in a different print. Calm gender neutral color. I'm super excited to have a girl- but I don't want pink/purple bouncers, swings, car seat etc. I prefer more gender neutral colors for those type of things that are going to be scattered throughout the house (plus this way I can go over board with the pink dresses :)
Crib/changing table

I wanted something simple, and I think it's outrageous spending 1000+ dollars on a crib! 

A car seat is obviously a must and not somewhere to 'skimp'. I did a lot of research and decided to go with the chicco key fit 30 infant in extreme

A GOOD stroller. I blogged here about my need for an excellent stroller. Bugaboo is a favorite right now. But on top of an excellent stroller, I used my snap and go stroller every day with Jasper until he outgrew his stroller. It's great to have a stroller that you can toss in the car and take it out in half a second. Super light weight- perfect for quick errands, grocery store, anytime you don't want to get baby out of the car seat, etc. We picked up one Saturday at babies r us!

Some sort of baby carrier. Last time we had the mai tai and it gave me so much back/shoulder pain that I highly doubt we will be using it this time around. I currently have my eye on the moby and ergo

Jasper started taking naps in his crib around 3 months old but he didn't sleep in there at night till 5-6 months old. Until then he was in our room in a bassinet. Baby girl will do the same! I like having baby close for my own comfort but also because it reduces SIDS sleeping in the same room.

We used, and will again use, an old bassinet that Drew AND his dad slept in as babies, but there are many affordable ones available! I probably would go with one of these.

I'm sure there are things I'm not thinking of right now, but those were my must haves last time around for the first few months. Anyone have anything to add? 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

7 years of valentines

7 years ago on the 12th we had our first date. We were 18 years old and seniors in high school. We had just sung at our valentines choir concert- we even did a small group song of about 6 of us together. He had had told me a few weeks before that he 'liked' me- but I wasn't really looking for a boyfriend. I had always dated the older boys, and as a senior they were all gone and I was ready to be single and go off to college in the fall.

But he asked me to go to a movie with him after the concert, and I agreed. We went to see Hitch. And the rest is history. Kind of. But it's a story for another day.

The following Monday- Valentines day- he brought me my favorite coffee drink to play practice (we were in high school choir together, select choir and drama together where our last play- this one- we had the leads as higschool senior boyfriend/girlfriend. Ironic?) and since we had practice from 6-10, that was our valentines together. Reading lines and sipping yummy coffee drinks.

Our next Valentines day we are no longer high school seniors- we are now freshman in college and I had just transferred from Northern Iowa to Denver where he was. He gave me a promise ring with a gold heart and took me out for Valentines.

Which brings me to 2007. We have now transferred BACK to Northern Iowa and are living together (unmarried) in married student housing. I'm 4 months pregnant, and finally able to eat food for the first time- seriously the day before I finally stopped throwing up 10 times a day. We took advantage of that and went out for chinese food and saw Music and Lyrics- still one of my favorite movies. 2 days later we found out we were going to have a BOY.

Our first Valentines with Jasper. We went out to dinner and I was overjoyed to have TWO valentines forever.

Our valentines in Sweden in 2009 is probably my favorite. It was the first year Jasper got into it. My mom had sent a care package with 'American candy' and Jasper had his first taste of M&M's and we got him a little red headed boy doll because he was OBSESSED with babies. Still is! We celebrated by going ice skating on the biggest lake in western europe. 

2 years ago we were back from Sweden- and I made Jasper a 'red' breakfast and later his buddy came over to celebrate. New Moon had just come out so I was able to find JASPER candy!!

 "You're My Valnetine but Edward has my heart" Fact.

I had to look back at my blog to see what we did for Valentines day last year! Crazy that I can remember 7 years ago but not last year. But then I remembered why. We went to Iowa for the weekend for a friends wedding- and when we got back we celebrated a few days later.

Which brings us to THIS year! On Monday I was insane enough to play and host a Valentines day party at our house for 7 4 year olds. NEVER AGAIN- at least not while 7 months pregnant. We did crafts (the heart crayons everyones doing thanks to pinterest, and heart shaped light catchers-these actually were pretty cool) played and had lunch. I didn't get a SINGLE picture, but my friend texted me this one which I find hilarious because it looks like my belly is getting ready to take out her daughter.

Then yesterday was Jasper's preschool Valentines party- I stayed up way to late making goodie bags for all 20 kids which also included a heart shaped crayon. J was SO excited to hand them out!
 Last night J and I made a candle light dinner and had it waiting for Drew when he got home, and that's how we have celebrated Valentines day for the past 7 years!!

We've slipped to number 99! Could you please click twice to keep us in the top 100? This is how I've been able to do some giveaways and hopefully more in the future!!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2 things.

1. I get so confused when people lately have been telling me "Oh you are ALL baby!" I mean I'm not confused by what it means- but I'm confused exactly WHY I'm being told that. I've seen those woman (in fact I think I was one last time around) who during pregnancy just have a perfect bump and nothing else grows during pregnancy. Last time around I carried pretty high ( I think?) and was able to wear my tiny size 0 jeans until about 8 months pregnant. Don't worry, before you decide to hate me, my hips spread After birth (it's supposed to happen before) and caused me to have a horrible labor and grow several jean sizes over night. This time around- I was wearing maternity jeans at TWELVE WEEKS and my ass had tripled in size by 20 weeks. Then came the boobs. And now? The back fat.

Yep, I'm admitting over the internets that I have now have back fat. It certainly wasn't there (at least to THIS extent!) 20 weeks ago, so who are they kidding when they say ' you are all baby' it's sweet, but really, I can see right through your lies.

Oh you want proof? Okay, okay.

 Can you SEE that bootay? Def. wasn't there before. And that flab above the but? yeah not that either.

Back definition is officially gone. I've always had two back dimples- that look like thumb prints- they are now GONE. Filled in. With love handles. So yeah. I'm not all belly.

Any you know what? I think I'm okay with it. Our bodies go through amazing things to carries healthy babies to full term. A full 40 weeks (or 42 last pregnancy, 39 this pregnancy) so I need to give it some credit. If it feels the need to store some fat in unattractive places to make sure my body is able to grow and then feed this baby, than so be it. It's done this before. My body know what it's doing even if I don't.

 2. I decided to try velcro hot rollers. It didn't do a TON to my hair, except it gave me a little body and some sort of flip? I'm so far undecided in how I feel about it. Does anyone have any tips for velcro rollers? Whats your secret?? 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Anti Valentines Day

Who doesn't LOVE valentines day? ME that's who. I'm just not IN to these kind of holidays- no idea why! Not like I've ever had a bad experience with the holiday, I just don't get the big deal. 

In high school my boyfriend of 2 years always made a big deal out of it- huge bouquet of flowers delivered to school ( which was of course Awesome) big teddy bear, chocolate, dinner the whole works- and it was fun, but even then I wasn't that into it. 

So when an opportunity came up to go out on Friday night (the church where J goes to preschool had a parents night out) and not valentines day we quickly signed up. Because though I might not be a big  v-day fan I AM a fan of mamma/pappa night out!

By the time Friday night came I was ridiculously exhausted (meh what else is new) but Jasper was SOO excited to go to play at the church at night ( flash light hide and seek at a dark church at night, who WOULDN'T be stoked) and with him gone for 4 hrs there's no WAY we could sit at home so out we went.

We didn't have time for dinner AND a movie..or so we thought till I discovered Cinema grill!

It's a movie theater that serves grill type food. Can you imagine anything more awesome? Yeah me either.

Burgers/fries/pizza/ice cream/ fun drinks (can't wait to try those out after April!) while sitting in a semi comfy chair watching a new movie! I can't get over the brilliance.

The last time I ate a meal while at a movie theater was in Karlstad, Sweden on our ONE date night in 7 months when my sister came to visit. The movie theater was connected to a Mcdonalds (which FYI McDonalds and BK in Europe is Soo soo much better, seriously) and it's quite common to bring food with you into the movie theater. 

Anyway for my 2nd experience eating while movie watching- I give it 5 stars and I highly recommend finding one in your area. I can't wait to take Jasper! He would LOVE it. And now that I think about it we could totally bring the baby too because with servers coming and going, talking and bringing food it's not THAT quiet so it's not like people could get that upset if a baby makes a noise. SCORE!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


It's not an STD or anything though it sounds like it. For those who haven't heard that term its Gestational Diabetes. And being tested for it SUCKS. In my case it sucked even more because of a lame nurse. 

What's supposed to happen is you don't eat anything at all for 2 hrs- than drink a nasty sugary drink that tastes kinda like flat fanta but way more sugary, and then go get blood drawn exactly 1 hr later.

Except MY nurse told me that I couldn't eat for TWELVE HOURS. So I had dinner last night, a large baked potato and green beens- then I sent Drew to the store to get jelly because I've been having a ridiculous craving for PBJ's and of course had eaten all the jelly. I was planning on having that for my '2nd dinner' (yes I usually eat with Jasper at 6 and then eat again around 9) but Drew was on a business meeting phone call till like 10:30 so by that time it was too late for me to eat anything before my 9 AM appt...or so I thought.

So, I hadn't eaten since my since my 6 PM dinner- then had a glass of water in the morning. By the time I feeling slightly shaky, I NEVER go 14 hrs with out eating- Especially not while pregnant, so I guess my body is just not used to it. 

I chugged my ice cold drink (made it slightly more bearable I think) then headed in 40 min. later to wait to get blood drawn. After blood was drawn I felt fine- but after getting my rhogam shot I started feeling super shaky and dizzy. When I stood up I started seeing spots and then black and got like a second from fainting.

Luckily I had brought a handy dandy PB&J with me so I sat there and ate it, laid down for a few minutes (because I'd seen black again when I stood up) and then was slightly better.

I had promised to take Jasper to the Children's Museum if he did good at my appt and he did great so I had to take him even though I felt horrible.

So off we went to the museum for the next 3 hrs. Luckily I could sit down a lot while he played otherwise I wouldnt have made it!

At least I got it over with- now fingers crossed that I passed it and I don't have to go to through the 3 hr test!

This appt I'd gained 2 lbs since beginning of January- which brings us to 20 lbs total, not horrible, not amazing. I have just under 11 weeks left- so if I gain a lb a week which is average that will bring me to 31 lbs which is within my range of 25-35 that my doctor wanted me to gain. As long as I don't go over that!! With Jasper I gained 35 lbs- but I was also pregnant for an extra three weeks (went to 42 weeks with Jasper and only going to 39 weeks this time) so I guess only time will tell how big this belly will get!!

I got a lot of compliments about my dress today and I'm happy to post it's NOT maternity. I bought it in Sweden in June and luckily it still fits! The leggings aren't maternity either- super old Gap ones.

I think this was the last time I wore this dress- about a week before I got pregnant!