Sunday, November 29, 2015


I have so much to be thankful for, it's hard to even know where to start. 

The biggest thing currently on my mind, Soren. He had surgery Wednesday morning, and it was the longest 75 minutes of my life. Along with the 40 min of or of Tindra's surgery. Having your baby/child go under for anesthesia, well there just aren't words for how scary it is.  But he did amazing, and we have been taking it easy with lots of extra cuddles. Having him go through that, and seeing the other kids at the hospital getting out of surgery/getting ready to go in of surgery..just made me so incredibly thankful. Yes he had to have surgery. Yes Tindra needed surgery. But over all, I have three very healthy children and I thank God for that every day. 

Our warm and cozy house. I complain sometimes that we don't have a real 4th bedroom. And a bigger yard. Those aren't real problems. 

The ability to stay home with my children, and spend all their milestones with them. We have definitely had to make sacrifices for me to do so. But I'm so thankful for that, and I know I will be for the rest of my life. 

My husband. He's works so incredibly hard for our family. Just an example, we needed to leave our house 5:30 AM on Wednesday to get to the hospital for Soren;s surgery. He took Thursday-Monday off to be here with Soren and help out after the surgery so he had a lot of work to get done. He worked till almost 2 AM came home and then got up 2 hours later. He's pretty incredible.

My photography business. It's very minor. Very part time. But it brings me a lot of joy. It's so great to have something that's just ME. After 8.5 years of being a mom, it's great to have a little side job that I absolutely LOVe doing. I can't wait to grow this little business over the coming years, but for now, super small is perfect for me and my family. 

This blog. Having this outlet has been amazing for the past 5 years and I can't imagine at this point not having this space.

My family. So excited to be heading there in a few weeks to spend Christmas!

Friends. The older I get the more I'm realize its so much greater to have a few great ones than a lot of mediocre ones. 

I could go on and on. We truly are blessed and sometimes I (sadly) need that reminder. 

^And a few Thanksgiving pictures. We had some friends and my cousin over, low key evening. Which is the best way to do Thanksgiving. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Denver Area Photography

I'm So horrible at updating my photography blog (I can barely handle this one!) so I though I'd share some pictures from recent photoshoots here!

I'm still doing a mix of families, maternity, newborns and high school seniors trying to figure out what I love doing most! But for now I'm really enjoying trying a bit of it all!

I shot M's maternity session last weekend and we had the most fantastic light as the sun was setting! She's due just next month and has the most adorable bump. It Almost makes me miss being pregnant. Almost. 

K's Senior Pictures I took back in September or beginning of October at Daniel's Park. I definitely need to take more pictures there, especially Senior girls, so if you know of any Denver area class of 2016 senior girls, send them my way! 

 I had my first Engagement Session, and it was so much fun! Doesn't help that this gorgeous bride to be is a good friend from college!

Lifestyle Newborns Photography is where it's at. This sweet baby was THE snuggliest! 

My prices are raising in 2016, but if you book now I'll honor 2015 prices! Send me an email at to book your Denver Area Senior Photography Session, your Denver Area Family Photography session, or your Denver Area Newborn Photography Session! 

And to stay updated, 'Like' me on Facebook! 

Denver Children's Museum Grand Opening

Monday night we were invited to come to the VIP Grand Opening party at the Denver's Children Museum (see blogging has some fun perks!) And we naturally jumped at the chance to check it out. We have been members for a few years, but this past year when our membership expired I didn't renew it because of the construction going on, and being super pregnant and then with a brand new baby. But now we will definitely be doing that!

We have always loved the museum, but now, in Jasper's words, it's epic. And he couldn't be more right! There's literally something for everyone there. Even the older kids. Jasper was getting a bit old for a lot of the exhibits before, but now I know we could go and he would have just as much fun as the younger kids, if not More fun.

There are now 18 exhibits (and honestly we could have spent more than hour at each of the exhibits) and they are divided into four different types of play; Explore, Imagine, Investigate and Create. 

Some of our favorites, they've got this 3 story tall climbing structor now that even adults can climb up which might have been Jasper's favorite, he said it was like a climbing maze. 

They had an amazing macaroni and cheese bar at the party- amazing! 

 Their new and improved art room is amazing! It's like a legit art studio! I snuck in there to have a look but didn't want to risk bringing the kids in there because I knew my little artist loving kiddos would Not want to leave and I wanted to make it through the rest of the exhibits, but I can't wait to take them back! 

I'm really glad they kept the ball room ^^^ as it's definitely one of our favorites! 

I'm really excited about the new hands on kitchen they have. They will have real chefs there to teach classes for kids of all ages to jump in and help out! Tindra is obsessed with helping me make lunch and dinner, so I can definitely see that this will be a big hit!

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Jasper checking out the dessert bar and the amazing view. I can't wait to sit up here and have lunch next summer!

The bubble room is still a favorite as well!

 The new water exhibit is definitely going to be a favorite as well, waterfalls, and boats and kayaking? How could it not be!
They even have a dentist room!

We are so excited the new exhibits are done in time for winter! I can tell we will be spending a lot of cold days here!