Saturday, December 31, 2011

And we are back!

I took a little blog break without even meaning too! I even brought my laptop to my moms, thinking I would use it to do some blogging- but it just never really happened. We were so busy, and whenever I'm around my family I tend to stay away from things that distract me from them- so with out even meaning to I  took a little break. We decided to leave a two days early since we didn't have any New Years plans anyway in Iowa so we thought it would be nice to have a couple of days off here before Drew goes back to work. We left yesterday, stopped in Lincoln to see Drew's grandparents and got back around midnight.

Today we are just unpacking, getting stuff put away and organized, possibly hitting up the new H&M for the first time since it opened up last night and maybe going downtown to see the fire works tonight. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

And of course, some Christmas in Iowa pictures
Jasper decorating cookies at Grammy's house

Holding my 6 week old niece for the first time! 1 week before she was hospitalized with pneumonia 

On a walk in the country

Making a gingerbread house on Christmas eve 

Can ya tell my family are Gator Fans?

Setting out cookies and milk for Santa

Opening presents from Santa! 

He insisted on wearing a flannel shirt, silk tie and his new Harry Potter scarf

Jasper bowling on Wii for the first time- he beat me EVERY time! 

First time bowling and he gets a 159! 

My moms back yard. Down at the creek

Jasper and his cousin Annika riding horsies! 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Just popping in to say HI

Jasper and I got to Iowa safely and on time Friday morning and have been having a great time ever since, but busy busy! I have already had a girls night out going to see the Nutcracker and out to dinner, lunch with an old friend, my nieces 3rd birthday party, dinner at my sisters, and lots of quality time with my mom and gramps. He flew in from North Carolina to spend Christmas with us and it's been so special to get to spend this much time with him! 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Over Halfway!

Wohoo!! Feels like a good milestone to celebrate. 

On Sunday I was 20 weeks, and since I'm having a scheduled c section, I will be having baby 19 weeks from yesterday!!!

How far along: 20 weeks 2 days. 
Size of Baby: A banana! 11 oz

Total Weight Gain:   + 8 lbs total. 

Maternity Clothes: Some jeans and leggings but can wear regular jeans and leggings as well. Bought my first maternity shirt Every yesterday ( didn't wear any first time around)

Gender: Ultrasound today shows still Girl!

Movement:Yep! Definitely feeling her several times a day 
Sleep: Some nights great- others, not to much. 
What I miss: Fitting comfortably into all my old clothes
Cravings: I'm back on those damn hot pocket kicks!! I ate FOUR in 12 hrs...gross. BUT delicious.
Symptoms:Out of breath easily, pressure, 
What I’m looking forward to: Leaving on Thursday for TWO WEEKS home (iowa).

These pictures were all taken yesterday at our annual Christmas decorating party.  Michelle went all out and had fun crafts for the kids, along with the  cookies to decorate, santa hats for the mamma's and rudolf hats and noses for the kiddos. 
 2o week and 18 week bumps. I was complaining about how my bump is SOOO much bigger than her's even though I'm only 2 weeks ahead of her- and she was complaining hers wasn't as hard as mine and still in that soft 'is she isn't she' pregnant stage- so I guess the point, pregnant women complain a lot :)

 Cutest Rudolf ever!

ANd for fun, here's some pictures from our first cookie decorating party two years ago. These guys were all 2 and still in diapers- now they are all (minus the girl in the jean dress) in preschool. It's such a huge difference. And the mess that was made at our house 2 years ago letting 5 2 year olds loose with icing and sprinkles was ridiculous. This year, I don't even think a sprinkle got on the floor.

 This picture cracks me up- Ella trying to be discrete about eating icing off the spatula and jasper not trying to be discrete at ALL about dumping sprinkles straight into his mouth.
2 years later and the 5 of them are still besties! So special. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Picnic in the Park. Swedish style

Or at least it Felt very Swedish.
Growing up in Sweden we played outside for hours every day. Rain or shine. or Snow. Or - freezing weather. They live by the saying ' There is no bad weather, only bad clothes' and I love this mentality. 

We make an effort to play outside every day, even if it's 5 degrees and COLD. We just bundle up really well and keep moving! At Jaspers preschool (and I think all the schools around here) they will only play outside if it's only 40 degrees or warmer. I HATE this. Just because it's less than 40 degrees doesn't mean it's not warm enough to be outside, but at least we don't live by that rule at home!

So Sunday we headed to Wash Park for a little picnic. It was 30 degrees and sunny, and ended up being the perfect picnic weather. First we walked around the park for 40 minutes ( mamma's trying to walk at least 30 min. a day) before playing and eating our delicious bagel sandwiches.

Jasper kept saying he needed to excersize and needed to run ahead of us. He would stop and sit down and let us catch up to him- and then take off running again. 

The only thing that would have made this even more perfect (and made it more swedish!) is if we would have had a thermos of hot chocolate. Next time! 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Santa party!

Every year my friend throws a 'Santa Party' for the kids. This is our 2nd time going and it's So much fun for everyone! She arranges for santa and his helpers to come by on a firetruck and comes in and all the kids get a chance to sit on his lap and talk to him. It's so much more personal than the mall santa- so special!

This year she added a new twist to it- all of the parents were to bring a little 15-20 dollar present for their kid, wrapped from 'santa'- without the kids seeing (this was Tricky!) we stuck the presents in a bag for santa to bring in and pass out to the kids.

Jasper could Not have loved it more. Getting to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what he wanted "A computer, a watch and a Harry Potter scarf" and tell him all about his baby sister he was getting. The only negative? Santa kept asking him if he had been a big GIRL this year. Jasper said I'm not a big girl I'm a big KID. Which didn't clarify anything for santa who still thought he was a girl. Maybe it's time for a hair trim.

 This picture cracks me up- reminds me of Grease when Danny is trying to feel up Sandy at the movies. 

And a couple of pictures from last years party!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Weekly Organic Meal: Pasta with Arugula

I got a batch of arugula with my weekly organic fruit and vegetable delivery, and honestly I didn't know WHAT to do with it! I've never cooked with arugula. So a quick text to one of the 4 chefs in my family, and the easiest thing he suggested was sautee it and throw it on some pasta. Pasta sounded good for lunch (hello, half Italian, pasta Always sound good) So I did. AND the result was pretty damn good!!

organic pasta of your choice
organic butter
organic arugula
organic cherry and grape tomatoes (or one or the other, I had both so I used both)
organic shredded parmesan cheese 
 2 small garlic cloves chopped up

While your pasta is boiling, saute your arugula ( I used two handfuls, just for me) with some virgin olive oil and garlic. 

When it's wilted looking (it only took about 3 minutes) take it off

When pasta was done boiling I drained the water, then added it back into the pan with a large table spoon of butter and parmesan cheese. I stirred it all in and let the cheese melt together and added some pepper.

Take the pasta off eat- and throw in your garlic, arugula, and chopped up tomatoes. 

Throw some parmesan cheese on top and you are DONE

Super quick, easy and delicious. It took about 15 minutes total! 

Great opportunity for mom bloggers who Cloth Diaper!

Just saw a post that Kirby's Diaper Bag is looking for cloth diapering mamma's to review and test out some cloth diapering products! Sounds like a good opportunity if you already cloth diaper! If you DO and want more information just go HERE !

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

His heart is So big.

Last week Jasper got a note sent home from his preschool saying that on Tuesday they would be celebrating Jesus' birthday and instead of bringing a present for Jesus, could all the kids pick out a box of cereal and bring it in to donate to those in need.

Jasper was excited to go to the store to pick out a box to bring. He wandered up and down the isle before settling on a fun looking box. As he put the box in the stroller he said he was so excited to share his cereal and eat it at Jesus' birthday party.

I had to re explain that he wouldn't have any of the cereal, he was bringing it to people that didn't have cereal.

'but mom, I don't have this cereal at home Either, so I need it too!'

I had to tell him that there were kids that didn't have Any cereal at home. Or oatmeal, Or yogurt with blueberries ( his favorite breakfasts) or even enough food for them to never be hungry. He looked upset and said 

'well, we better get TWO boxes then so they have lots of breakfast' and then he walked up and down the isle again choosing another box of cereal to bring. 

Made me so proud, almost like he Gets it. I know he's not old enough to really get that people go hungry and don't have enough food. I mean I have a hard time understanding how there are people in this country (and throughout the world) that are hungry all the time, so I don't expect my 4 year old to get it, but he kind of does. Or at least he gets enough to realize he wants to help, and that he wants to do MORE even than what was asked of him.

After we got home from the grocery store I had an email waiting from Door to Door organics about a food drive they were doing, and if wanted to leave canned food on our porch- they would pick it up when they drop off my weekly fruit/vegetable order.

So we continued with the giving lesson and went through our canned goods (we don't have much canned goods since we eat mostly fresh) and got a pile together to give away.

When D saw the pile this morning he asked kind of grumpily "why are you giving away my chili beans" 

Jasper replied

"Because dad. People are hungry and Need it!" 

And with that, our 4 year old put us in our place and I went and grabbed my favorite, kind of expensive at like 5 dollars a can soup, that I hadn't wanted to put in with the pile to give away.

It seems that our son gets the spirit of giving to those in need, maybe even more than mom and dad. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Why I'm 'choosing' to have a C section.

Long story short (ish).
Before giving birth to Jasper I was a size 00- meaning I had NO hips. Even during pregnancy I could wear those jeans- up until about 7-8 months pregnant (since my belly was Above the jeans) I was told throughout my pregnancy that I most likely wouldn't have an easy labor. Nice things to tell a terrified 20 year old huh?

So here we are, 9 and a half months pregnant and I got induced, 2 weeks past my due date. I had back labor- as predicted, due to my tiny hips and Jasper's big head (Drew comes from a long line of big heads) 

Roughly 30 hrs later, over 3 hrs of pushing and they told me they had about 5 minutes to get baby out our we would be doing a c section. So they brought in the forceps. Or as I referred to them as ' the salad tongs'

Within minutes, he was out. THey spent an hr stitching me up and I thought I was good to go.

Recovery was very long and painful- but I'd had an almost 9 pound baby, which is almost 10 percent of my pre pregnancy weight so I thought it was normal.

When I went into my 7 week post baby check I wasn't cleared for regular activities ( like sex and working out)  like most are at 6 weeks, but again, I thought this was normal.

Things healed up. It just took a lot of time. I was as good as new, or so I thought.

When I first met with my current OB- she suggested that if I went to 39 weeks, we do a c-section, since I had so many complications during labor (way to much blood loss, placenta ripped in several pieces, etc) but if I were to go into labor on my own before 39 weeks we could go ahead with labor.
Sounded okay to me.

Starting a few weeks ago I started to get some pressure down low. The kind of pressure I didn't get last time until I was overdue with a 9 pound baby. I called my OB and they wanted me to come in to get checked out just to make sure it wasn't anything dangerous to baby.

So the good news it's not dangerous to baby at all. I'm not at any higher risk than anyone else for preterm labor or anything scary like that. But. Yes, there's always a but.

But I have some inside damage due to a combination of Jasper's large head, my small hips, and those damn forceps. Damage that has never bothered me (after those first few months after giving birth.) I didn't even know anything was different, which is a good thing! BUT, there's that damn but, it is making for an uncomfortable pregnancy. Apparently having a baby sitting on this damage is what is causing all the pressure. Fun huh? 

Conclusion: Three different doctors from two different practices in 2 different states have advised me, strongly advised, that I go with a c section at 39 weeks (or earlier if I go into labor before then.) Not necessarily for the risk for baby, but risk of more damage, a lot more damage done to me.

And you know what? I'm grateful that I have OB's that are not only looking out for the health of my baby, but also looking out for my well being. They don't want me to go through more unnecessary damage that would most definitely have to be fixed with corrective surgery if I were I go through that again. 

I know I will get criticism for this decision, I have already been getting it. I get that natural is best, and c sections happen all the time for no reason, but going through what I did again if I don't have to is not something I want to sign up for. I got pregnant knowing I would probably go through it all again. And having a baby is obviously worth it to me to go through that, but when I have people telling me I shouldn't, and don't need to go through that? I'm going to listen to their advise.

I get that having a c-section won't be a walk in the park. But you know what? Either is having an almost 9 lb baby with a 15 inch head ripped out with salad tongs and having too many stitches to count. 

I know recover won't be easy. But I've already had a not so easy recover, so I guess I'm capable and ready to do it again! At least this time hopefully I won't get multiple bladder infections because peeing hurt too damn bad so I would hold it in all day.

At least I hopefully won't loose so much blood this, resulting in a chair being put in the shower for me to sit on so I won't faint like the first few times I showered after giving birth. Having your 15 year old brother having to try to get you up off the shower floor after you have fainted wasn't a great experience for Either one of us. 

So yes, I know c sections are over used, but I don't think making this choice for myself and baby is me making the wrong, or easy, or selfish choice. I'm not having a c section because I'm tired of being pregnant, or just don't want to go through labor or any of those reasons. I'm doing it with the recommendation of several doctors, and I'm okay with this decision. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

19 weeks and Stepping Out Saturday

How far along: 19 weeks. I'll be having a baby 20 weeks from TODAY
Size of Baby: Mango, 6.5 inches long and about 10 oz i believe

Total Weight Gain: Up 7 lbs I believe.  

Maternity Clothes: Some jeans and leggings but can wear regular jeans and leggings as well 
Gender: Girl!
Movement:Yep! Definitely feeling her several times a day 
Sleep: Sleep has been really great lately, until last night, had to keep switching from side to side every 30 minutes it felt like. But usually not having to get up to pee so that's a PLUS! 
What I miss: Not having vaginal pressure ( I'll get into that more tomorrow, can't wait can ya?)
Cravings: Nothing specific right now. I just like to eat now!! Maybe why I'm starting to gain those lbs
Symptoms:Out of breath easily, pressure, 
What I’m looking forward to: Our ultrasound on the 13th- heading to Iowa for TWO WEEKS on the 15th, seeing the nutcracker with my friends on the 17th- jaspers santa party tonight! Lots of fun things coming up!! 

 Our ' Stepping out' Was on Friday night. Jasper went to a Parents Night Out at his preschool which is probably the greatest invention ever! We had FOUR hours to ourselves and spent it doing all of Jasper's Christmas shopping (and got my nieces done as well) and then out to dinner.

Long shirt/short dress : Forever 21
Leggings: Motherhood Maternity (grey you can't see them here) they are SUPER comfy and I think I'll wear these even when Not pregnant. Elastic waist? Brilliant.
Boots: Zulilly 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Why I'll never win mother of the year

Our 'dinner' last night looked like this. Popcorn, crackers and cheese. BUT Jasper did eat half a melon and an entire container of organic raspberries as well so that should count for Something!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Bringing SEXY back.

I've been having a lot of lower back pain and down THERE pressure lately (fun huh?) and a nurse at my OB office recommended a maternity belt to see if it would ease up some of it when walking.

I decided to test it out on Wednesday with a 3 mile walk through Wash Park.

(18 weeks and 3 days pregnant in these pictures, almost halfway!!)

Sexy huh?

 My 'walking' buddy

I look super wide/thick here and my fingers look about a foot long. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My 4 year olds take on child birth.

Jasper "Mom, is it almost time for baby to come out?"

Me" No remember she has to get a lot bigger before she comes out"

Jasper "How will she GET out of your belly"

Me "Uhmm.. the doctors will help mommy get her out" Because Really how much does a 4 year old Really need to know.

Jasper "Well I think she uses her head"

Me " What do you mean uses her head"

Jasper " I think she uses her head to make your gina bigger. She pushes her head down and then your gina gets bigger and she can come out like potty does"

WHAT. Seriously. I'm positive he hasn't learned that from anyone/anywhere. I've heard most kids (like up to like 8-9 year olds) think the baby comes out of the belly (which some do, this one might) but to think that in depth and get pretty damn close? Little Albert Einstein me thinks?