Friday, November 21, 2014

Recipe: Super easy white bread

A few weeks ago I asked you guys if anyone had any really easy bread recipes, and then talked to my mom and she sort of gave me this recipe over the phone. Except she doesn't use a recipe so no exact measurements, but after making this for 4 times now in the past few weeks, I think I have it figured out! 

It's really really easy, seriously. This was my first time baking bread by myself and I didn't even screw it up! 

3 1/2 C flour
2 1/2 teaspoons active dry yeast
1 1/2 C water
1 table spoon sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons salt

Mix water (a little bit above room temperature, I gaged it on having it be the same temperature of a bottle of milk I would feed a baby) sugar and yeast. Mix it and let it sit for 10 minutes to make sure it 'rises' a bit. You can tell when it does, it looks a lot thicker and 'bigger'.

Next mix in flour and salt with the water/yeast/sugar mixture. Kneed until it's smooth. I threw mine in the Ninja blender with the dough paddle but this isn't necessary, just makes it super quick! 

Next place the dough ball into a greased big bowl, cover with a towel and let it rise for an hour. 

After the hour is up, punch it down a bit for a minute, form it into an oval shape and cut three little diagonal lines across it (not sure if this is necessary, I just see everyone else do this) and put it on a lightly greased baking sheet and cover with towel again. Let it rise another hour. 

Bake it at 350 for 35-40 minutes and EAT it while it's warm! With Butter! And maybe a slice of cheese! And add a cup of tea. That makes it the best. Just trust me.

*I have also made it into two bread tins by splitting the dough in two and making oval shaped balls and placing it in the middle, it spread and covered most of the pan. Make sure pan is greased so it comes out nice and easy. 

*Also once I put little pieces of bacon in the dough right before putting in the oven. Super yummy. 

Try it! I promise it's SO so easy. I'm not a baker, and I absolutely love this bread. So much I have been making it at least once a week. It only keeps for a few days, but ours is always gone in 48 hrs anyway. 
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tindra says:

"Mamma has big boobies. Why TeeTee (what she calls her self) has no boobies"

Me "Tindra has boobies too, all girls do" "No those not boobies, those my nipples (pronounced neeeeeples)

"Oh no, what happened to your hairs" After seeing me step out of the shower after a recent trip to the waxing salon since you know, I can no longer see my lady bits. 

Me "oh look powpow (her fox) is over there on the floor" Thank god she's easily distracted. Because I'm not exactly prepared to discuss Brazilian waxes with my way too observant two year old. 

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A little bumpdate: 21 (almost 22) weeks

I think it's time for another one! I'll be 22 weeks in just a couple of days, and part of me thinks this pregnancy is flying, but then the other part feels..the opposite. 

We are entering one of my favorites parts of the year though so I now November and December will fly with the snow, and all the fun things we have planned for the holidays, but then January and February are sure to drag on, as they always do, and then March= Baby month!! I can't even believe I'm typing that out. I can't quite imagine yet what life is going to be like with THREE, THREE babies! Okay Jasper is probable not considered a baby anymore. And maybe not Tindra either, but to me they still are so roll with it. 

I had my 20 week ultrasound last week and everything is looking good! He was in there and kept pulling his legs up to his head, I could have watched him all day. I think sometimes I forget that there's an actual person in there. I know how idiotic that sounds, but its just easier to imagine that I'll have a baby to meet in 4 months, not that he's actually already in there growing, eating, yawning, playing with his feet, doing those things he will be doing outside of my stomach soon. Sometimes I can't wrap my head around it. And yes this is my third time going through this, and each time it's like it comes as surprise to me that there's an entire human being inside of me. 

Lets see, cravings. I have been craving a Sonics Cherry Coke like no other for the past few weeks. To the point where I'll drive once or twice a week 25 min round trip (why is there not one closer??) just to get a cherry coke. Don't worry I ask for extra ice so I'm probably actually only getting like 6 oz of soda and the rest is the delicious little ice cubes that I could eat all day! 

Size of baby, wellll my handy dandy what to expect app says that this week the baby is 10 oz..where as over a week ago they told me he was 13 which I think is a 'decent size baby' for 20 weeks. So I'm guessing he's going to be a big one like his big brother. Tindra was average size but Jasper was just a couple oz shy of 9 lbs so for some reason I think this one will be on the bigger end as well. 

Weight gain, my favorite topic...never. I'm up 13 lbs, which I didn't think was too horrible, but then I went and investigated (thanks blog) and found that around same time in the pregnancy last time I was up 8 lbs so... I'm going to blame halloween candy on that one. But I cut myself off 3 days ago cold turkey so hopefully not inhaling 6 recees peanut butter cups a day will help slow down that weight gain. 

And apparently I haven't taken any belly pics lately (like three this entire pregnancy?) So I'll get on that! Trust me, the belly is out there. 
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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pippi and Spiderman

The weekend before Halloween we ventured out early to Boo at the Zoo. We have gone every year since Jasper was two, making this our 5th year! We learned after our first boo at the zoo trip to GO EARLY! It's the busiest weekend of the year at the zoo I've been told (and witnessed!) and parking spots fill up fast! 

My goal was to get there at 8:30 and when I told Drew I wanted us out the door at 8 sharp he laughed at me and said yeah right. I should mention this was at 7:35 as we rolled out of bed because Tindra SLEPT IN! Jasper didn't. But did crawl quietly in the bed with us and waited mostly patiently while we dozed some more. 

So when I realized it was 7:35 I quickly threw some home made toast in the toaster and got to work getting the kiddos in their costumes. Tindra's was a bit more difficult since braiding a toddlers hair isn't exactly a quick or fun activity, but regardless I managed to have the kids AND myself dressed and ready to walk out the door by 8:07 which was pretty impressive I thought. Colorado Blvd (the main road that takes us directly to the zoo) was shut down for some unknown reason so we had to take a detour and ended up pulling in at 8:33. Still impressive though! We got a decent spot and by the time we made our way to the entrance at 8:45 they were letting people in even though it technically isn't supposed to open till 9. We noticed they did this last year also so Denver Boo At the Zoo tip : GO EARLY! 

By going early we avoided any lines (except for the very last trick o treat spot which was the first for some people as they were coming in) and we were completely done and pulling out at 10:45. Perfect! Through the entire zoo in two hours. Drew and I were wondering out loud how different it would be next year at this same event with three little ones to wrangle! 

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Little Sicky.

My poor little monkey has been super sick since Friday night so I have been taking a computer break (first time I opened my lap top since Thursday) and enjoying the extra snuggles. 

Friday night she woke up in the middle of the night crying so I brought her to bed with us, and then 30 min later she sat up gasping for air. We headed off to ER immediately where we spent the next 4 hrs (till 4:30 AM) getting steroids and breathing treatments and watching bubble guppies on the iPad. Oh and eating popsicles. Jasper and Tindra both thought it was pretty awesome to get popsicles at 3 AM. First time for everything!

After a croup diagnosis we finally stumbled into bed (me in Tindra's room with her) and got a couple hours of sleep. Saturday was spent cuddling and watching movies, as was Sunday, (with a little dunkin donuts run, which really was more for Drew and I who NEEDED coffee) and we found an empty park to let the kids get some fresh air and run around. Don't worry, as soon as I saw another car pull up with kids we headed home immediately. 

I took T back to the peds yesterday as I didn't think she was improving as much as she should have been, and they agreed and after another round of steroids, she's feeling much better today I can tell!

When she's cuddling me, she's obsessed with 'petting the baby dinosaur' her hand always has to be on him. And last night, I took her into bed with me (still in her room) after midnight and she kept reaching around me no matter which way I moved to have her hand on my belly. I can't wait to see her as a big sister! 
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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Stockholm Part 3: What to do on a rainy day in Stockholm?

It rained on and off our first week in Sweden, which isn't super uncommon for a Swedish summer. But one day (and thankfully only one day) it rained pretty hard and heavy the entire day. We had planned on a park/picnic day that day, but after looking outside at the sky and checking the weather we just switched some things around and decided it was the perfect museum day.

After yet another amazing brunch at the J Hotel we took the ferry into djurgarden, one of the islands that make the city of Stockholm. This island has several amazing museums, an open air museum/zoo (skansen that I already blogged about) and even an amusement park. We got off the boat, in the rain of course, and walked down to Junibacken, probably the worlds most amazing Children's museum. It's only a 5-7 min walk along the water from the boat, and on a nice day it's such a gorgeous little walk. In the rain we walked quickly and didn't stop and stare at the views too much! 

We spent about 2 hrs there and we could have easily spent even longer there but the kiddos were getting hungry (okay we all were) and we didn't have cash for the diner there, so if you go make sure you bring cash! The food looked amazing. Backing up, when you first get into the play area, you are in a little village. Theres a movie theater to play in, a bakery, a church, hill with a slide, a boat, castle and so much more. Drew and I split up, and each took a kid to watch/play with. It was busy in there and so many little rooms to slip into and they were each going at different speeds so this is what worked best for us! 

When you get into the museum you are assigned a train time, and the time on your ticket is when you go get in line to get on the train that takes you through the rest of the museum. I wish I would have known before going in line that we could have gone into that second area earlier because the 'waiting' room for the train was really amazing also. There were little houses with slides, a plane to fly, and again so much more. It made waiting in line a complete blast for the kids! I stood in line, and Drew walked around and let them play. When it was our turn for the train, we climbed into a little cart and picked a language to listen to the narrator. The train was by far my favorite part of the time. It took us through different Astrid Lindgren stories that I and every other Swede grew up watching. Emil, Pippi Longstocking etc. Even if you didn't know these characters growing up (like Drew) its still so much fun. It felt like a Disney World ride. 

At the end of the train you end up at Pippi's house to play in. The kids could have spent hours alone here! I have all the old Pippi movies in Swedish so my kids absolutely loved playing in her 'real house'. And of course, there was a slide that took you down the two story house that Jasper couldn't get enough of. 

After we left Junibacken, in the rain again of course we needed to find food Stat. Drew wanted more hot dogs from the hot dog stand, and the kids and I grabbed shelter at an outdoor bar that is normally packed in the summer that had awning and ordered Swedish meatballs and cheese sandwiches. It doesn't get much more 'Swedish' that meatballs and cheese sandwiches. 

After lunch we headed next door the Vasa Musem. If you have any boat lovers, this is definitely the place to be. Even if you aren't a boat lover, you should still go, it's pretty amazing. Its an old ship that sank on it's maiden voyage out of the harbor, and then hundreds of years later, (in the 60's I think?) it was brought up, whole and restored. It's so crazy something was under water for so long and in such amazing condition. 

I was hoping Tindra would sleep in there because it's dark in there and, it was her nap time. She was out within minutes of getting in there, so Drew offered to push her around on the first floor (theres 7-8 floors I think?) so he could slowly read all the sings under there and I could take Jasper around to all the different floors since he doesn't have the patience for hrs of sign reading. Understandably so! Jasper and I had a lot of fun exploring the different levels and he loved having a little bit of 'freedom' with mom letting him walk a little ahead at times. 

*All of these pictures are from our iPhones, we did take pictures with my actual camera, and I think that's where my Vasa pictures are. But those are on a different computer so these will have to do for now! 
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Monday, October 27, 2014

Pregnancy must have's: Third time around

Now that I'm about halfway through my third pregnancy (how is that even possible?!) I finally feel prepared enough to write about it. I'm obviously no where near an expert, and some how each pregnancy has been drastically different. I don't know how that is possible either! 

mama mío tummy rub oil; this has been my number one pregnancy must have this pregnancy And last. Mama mio was amazing and sent me a package with this and some other goodies, and I'm definitely making an order soon. It actually smells GOOD and doesn't leave my all greasy. Morning and night this belly gets slathered in this!

mama mio facial wipes; I'm going to need to get another pack of these Stat. I haven't been doing a good job washing my face unless in the shower, especially when I was super sick for over 2 months. The last thing I wanted to do at night was wash my face. BUT after throwing up most nights, I would use one of these and my skin has never felt better. And usually I have horrible skin during pregnancy. Not this time around! I keep them right next to my bed, so there's never an excuse not to use them at night. 

Water. I drink at least 120 oz a day, often more. And yes, I have to pee every 20 minutes. I'm sure this baby is sitting super low so that doesn't help with that situation either. 

A good dry brush. I have this one I bought at whole foods. Forever ago. It's probably time to replace it. It helps my dry itchy skin. I do this in the evenings (when I'm not feeling too lazy) before putting on my mama mio oil. 

Ginger hard candies from Whole Foods. When feeling super nauseous they would help a bit. Not a ton, but often enough to keep my head out of the toilet. Important while driving/ school pick up etc. as it was super impractical to be throwing up during moments like that. 

Long tank tops. From various places. I stick them under any non maternity shirt and make most of my regular shirts work through pregnancy. I hate buying maternity clothes as they are only used for a few months so I stay away from maternity tops for the most part but do wear maternity jeans now and some leggings. 

What are your pregnancy must haves? 
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