Monday, September 13, 2010

Top Two Tuesday: What I want to accomplish this year.

Tough one. I have SO much I want to accomplish- there is always a HUGE to do list.

But if I can only choose two..

1. Living a healthier lifestyle- I have already started this and will continue! We are doing this through trying to eat almost all organic, now that fall is here taking longer walks daily, going hiking and other outdoor activities on the weekend, and I'm going to try to do pilates/yoga/arm weights at least 3 times a week. We have gone mostly organic- but I need to get better and figure out a way of doing it with out costing 200-300 a week. That's a huge goal of mine. Before organic we would spend 120-150 a week on groceries and I'd like to continue to do so with organic even though organic is so much more money. But I think I can accomplish this by not wasting food and planning out meals. Any ideas?!?!

2. This one is also super important to me. BECOME FLUENT IN SWEDISH. I can understand about 90 percent of Swedish when I hear it, but when I'm trying to speak it I would say I'm able to say about 70 percent of what I want to say in conversation. Reading and writing it? Eh, maybe 50 percent? How will I accomplish this? I'm going to try to only speak Swedish to Jasper for at least one hour every day. Whenever I feel like watching/listening to something on TV I'll go to the computer and turn on the swedish channel we get on our laptop since its really good for my swedish to listen to others speaking it. I'm going to order more books in Swedish and force myself to read them- this is a tough one! When I come across words while speaking/reading that I don't know I will write it down in a notebook (which i went and got this weekend!) and look up the word later. Lastly- Jasper started swedish preschool yesterday and his teacher ONLY speaks swedish to them (more on that later) and while he is there I hang out in the lobby with all the other swedish moms and dads, but I need to strike up more conversations with them and include myself. They all know each other and speak super fast to each other in Swedish and so last year i just brought a book and would sit and read. NOT THIS YEAR! And I've got to say I'm so proud of myself yesterday that i went up to a mom with a 4 month old baby and started up a conversation about the baby in Swedish and I stood and talked to her for 15 minutes! Yay me!

What are some things you guys want to accomplish?


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am following you back because I really like your blog.

    I would love to eat completely organically, but you are right, it's really difficult to fork out the cash for it. My husband and I plan our meals and that definitely helps manage the cost of groceries, because we only buy what we need.