Thursday, January 31, 2013

Throw back Thursday:Weekend in Stockholm

I've been meaning to participate with Erica in one of these for a long time, and am finally getting around to it! 

A weekend at the end of February, 2009 while we were studying abroad in Karlstad, Sweden I took the 3 hour train ride to Stockholm to meet my childhood best friends, Sofie, Jessica and Kerstin. Jessica and Kerstin lived there (but hadn't seen each other in 5-6 years) and Sofie took the 4 hr train ride down from Ljusdal (where we all grew up.) It was my first time ever leaving Jasper for more than a few hours (he was 18 months) and I almost didn't want to go for that reason alone, but I'm so glad I went, it was the most amazing weekend!

We jam packed the entire weekend with sight seeing, even though it was in the 20's and 30's all weekend. Two of the girls lived there but they were still more than willing to do all the touristy things for me! 

We took a double decker tour bus around, which was a great deal. You pay one price and you can get on and off at any of the stops for 48 hrs! 

On top of doing the normal touristy things, we did a lot of shopping, eating at amazing places (like this famous Chinese food place where the prime minister was murdered (in the 80's I believe) and non touristy things also, like a house party for Kertin's friend's birthday. 

We took buses, subways, and even a boat to get from island to island. This is why I love Stockholm, it's made up of a bunch of islands, (maybe 14? or 9? I can't remember) and they are all connected my bridges, but taking a boat across is sometimes just as fast if not faster, and a much more enjoyable form of travel. 

 I definitely recommend going to this tower, we went up to the top to see the amazing views of the city. 

 Fried bananas and ice cream with carmel sauce. It's been 4 years and I can still remember the taste. 

 My dad used to be a chef for one of the Viking Line cruises and we (as a family) used to take weekend trips to Helsinki, Finland all the time. We had free reign of most of the boat and I used to pretend it was my own personal floating castle. 

An unforgettable weekend! We had another one when the weather was nicer that I will have to share on another Throwback Thursday!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Mamma Style

Today I'm linking up with Casey and 7 other mamma's with style, so go check all their blogs out!

My 'style' has definitely changed since becoming a mother, but I was also 21 and in college, so I think my style was bound to change no matter what! 

My biggest fashion rule (and probably my only one) is that I have to be comfortable. I absolutely refuse to be uncomfortable all day.

I need to be able to do the monkey bars at the park, push a double stroller (often while carrying a child), crawl around on the floor, give underdogs on the swings and so much more, so I need to be comfortable. 

I'm a jeans and t-shirt girl. And a sweater and colored skinny's girl. And a maxi dress girl. And a love of short (but long enough!) dresses. I love black and grey. And bright colors. Flats, boots, heels, wedges Basically, I love it all! 

As you can see!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

I married my best friends boyfriend.

And my husband married HIS best friends girlfriend.
Sounds more scandalous than it really is, but it's true.

In junior high, one of of my BFF's, Ellyse, was dating Drew. And I was dating Derek, Drew's best friend since diapers. 

We would double date, and Ellyse and I even had silly nick names for Derek and Drew. For some reason we called them Skip and Dip. NO idea why. 

Naturally, neither of those relationships 'worked out', I mean, what 8th grade relationship does? And it wasn't for another 4-5 years that Drew and I started hanging out Senior year, but isn't that kind of fun that we went on double dates when we were 13-14?

And for fun, had to throw in some pictures of us from high school and freshman year of college. We look like such babies!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cobalt and Stripes

Wednesday was a day of running errands ( I took TWO babies to target, I'm impressed with myself) and long walks since it's been ridiculously gorgeous out! It was also for messing around with my new lens and tripod while the kiddos napped. I've concluded, it's MUCH more fun/satisfying taking pictures of your adorable children then it is to take awkward pictures of yourself. And yes, neighbor teenager who decided to take the trash out during my 3 minutes 'shoot', I was  taking pictures of myself. And yes, I know it looked super weird. 

Pants:Forever 21
Shoes: Bought in Sweden in 2009 (falling apart, bought super glue yesterday to try to extend their life)
Top:Indiska, bought in Sweden in 2011

*And someone just pointed out that I look like I'm pregnant.. so I feel the need to clarify that no, I'm not pregnant. That little belly is left over from Tindra. And if we are being 100% honest, probably Jasper also. * 

pleated poppy