Friday, March 30, 2012

I debated on whether or not to write about this..

But ultimately decided to go for it (obviously.) For a couple of reasons, the main one being I don't want others to feel as much of a freak as I did during my first pregnancy. If someone stumbles across this, having been to embarrassed to ask their doctor about it, maybe it will make them realize they Aren't the only ones out there. 

Here's the thing. When I'm pregnant, I crave weird things. Not like pickles dipped in ice cream type of weird things. Like soaps, and cleaning supplies, and lotions. Yeah That's what I crave. 

With Jasper I had a major craving for pine sol and bleach, and Irish spring men's body wash (to this day it's the only body wash I use.) We would be at target and Drew couldn't find me, so he would go look in the cleaning supply isle and most likely find me sniffing bleach. No joke. It smelled so damn good I wanted to start chugging it in the middle of the isle. I'm not completely crazy, so I wouldn't actually follow through, but I'll be damned if you ever saw a cleaner bathroom or kitchen floor than when I'm pregnant. I will scrub scrub scrub just so I can inhale the scent of bleach or pine sol. 

After spending an hour in an isle smelling body washes and came across Irish Spring, I would always buy the three pack and find myself taking 3-4 showers a day, just so I could lather up. Sad as it is, those were often the best few minutes of my day. Not because I was miserable or unhappy or having bad days, I just enjoyed the smell That much.

It was addicting.

I never mentioned it to a doctor, because come on I was Obviously crazy. And what where they going to do about it? It's not like I was Actually eating the soap or drinking the bleach, just cleaning a lot. I think the only one who knew about it was Drew, I was too embarrassed to tell anyone else. 

After having Jasper it must have stopped because I never had the urge to drink bleach again. 

Then this pregnancy all smells made me sick, we didn't have a single thing of meat in this house for months because the smell was simply unbearable. I threw away Drew's deodorant with out remembering to tell him (whoops) because the smell made me gag. So I didn't even think about my little weird habit.

Till one day, while in the tub, using my basq citric body scrub. Drew had gotten it for me as a stocking stuffer, and I loved it and had been using it for weeks. But all of a sudden? I wanted to eat it. My mouth started salivating (as it's doing now just writing about it) but of course I resisted the urge. 

The next day even though I had already showered in the morning I realized I NEEDED to take a bath so I could use my body scrub again. And it went on like this for a few days. 

Then I was in target and found my way to the cleaning supplies, and started taking some lids off, ya know, just to smell. And it hit me. It had happened again. I was now craving bleach, soaps, pine sol, detergent and most of all. My body scrub. 

The thing is, now we have natural cleaners, and they just don't have that strong smell as bleach or pine sol does. And my laundry detergent is scent free so it's really not doing a whole lot for me. But that scrub? Oh man the scrub. And the Irish Spring soap that Drew uses? Yeah I'm back to using that also. 

Except this time the craving feels even Stronger. Like every day around 4-5 I feel this need, this urge to take a bath so I can use my scrub. I almost feel twitchy if I don't do it. I ran out and was out for a few days waiting on my order to arrive and it felt (what I assume?) a drug addict would feel like if they couldn't get their drug. Twitchy, irritated, jittery, OBSESSED. I needed my scrub.

This time I decided to tell my OB about it. I guess because I felt comfortable with her, as she is the same doctor I've been seeing every visit since September. When I told her she laughed and said "Oh so you are one of Those" and then told me we needed to get a blood sample and check my iron levels. They came back super low, and she put me on a double dose of iron pills. Apparently, if you have weird cravings like this during pregnancy it can mean you are lacking in something nutrition wise. For me, it's iron. I had to be on iron pills last pregnancy as well, guess my babies just suck it completely out of me. The iron pills actually haven't really helped, my iron is still pretty low, but it's not the end of the world. 

She explained to me that I'm Not crazy, and from others she has heard that those that have 'special' cravings like mine describe it as almost like a drug that they need. And some actually follow through with their cravings (as in drinking the bleach!) and since I'm not actually doing that, it's fine and I can continue to get my daily soap high.

After I heard that there are others like me I posed the question to my pregnancy forum and was shocked by some of the answers I got. One said she EATS CHALK, like actually eats it while pregnant, another said she lives for the smell of musty basements and will drive over to her parents house just so she can sit in their musty basement for the smell. One even talked about eating sand her whole pregnancy. She will stock up in little baggies during family trips to the beach and scatter it around her house so she can eat a hand full of sand (and keep it hidden from her husband and mother who apparently know she does this and try to find all her hiding spots!) Sadly this made me feel much better about my strange habit. And it's not like I'm ingesting it, just getting myself and my floors super clean and happen to enjoy the smell at the same time. But it is more than just enjoying the smell- it's almost like a runners high (yes, I DID run in high school for a couple of years) and it just feels so damn good to smell it/get my high!

So I hope if you stumble across this post if you googled "Help I want to drink bleach" or something like that and you will realize that 1. you are NOT crazy and 2. talk to your doctor! It won't be the first time they have heard this and maybe some iron pills will help straighten you out. 

Oh what am I doing smelling a rag? I'm Almost ashamed to admit that I got this clean rag, wet it down, added some irish spring and let it dry..then I laid in bed watching TV smelling my rag every few minutes..

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Am I an AP parent?

I've been asked by several if we practice Attachment Parenting. I've heard the term enough times that I decided to look it up and see for myself if I am (as some claim) an AP parent (I don't even know if that's the correct terminology.)

Before having Jasper I didn't obsess and read a billion books on how to be a parent. Yes I read my what to expect book and a Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy ( LOVE IT) religiously, but that was it. I think I just knew that I would be a good mom. That might sound silly or vain, but it's how I felt. I certainly wasn't an expert (so far from it) but I grew up having the most amazing, loving mom ever, and I knew the few things I would need to be a good parent I would have covered. Like loving my child unconditionally. I didn't need to read a book to tell me. I know there are those that read a ton of parenting books before even having a baby, and decide, based on these books and theories what type of parent they will be. That just never sat right with me. For me, I knew whatever would come naturally would probably be what works best for us. Not some check list of what kind of mom I need to be.

So out of curiosity, I did look up an AP check list, so let's see if I fit the 'mold' for that.
Now I just read about this theory from a website and this is my interpretation of what it says, I haven't read countless (or any) books on this

Birth Bonding: Bond with baby as much and as long as possible after birth. Baby needs to be held close and hear familiar voices and mother needs to be able to express her maternal feelings.

After my 27ish hr labor, they placed Jasper on my chest for about 1 minute before they whisked him away for some tests, weighings and what not and Drew went with him leaving me in the hospital bed to be stitched up (too many stitches for them to count.) At this point they also had to give me a shot to stop the hemorrhaging- i lost way to much blood and they even had blood brought up for transfusions. They shot made me throw up about every 5 minutes for the next 5-6 hours. When they finally brought Jasper back maybe an hour later, they handed me him, and almost immediately I had to have someone take him because I had to throw up again. So yeah, not a whole lot of bonding went on that afternoon. That evening my mom and sister came back to the hospital and asked Drew what he wanted to eat (popsicles were all I could handle for 24 hrs) and of course he wanted Chinese- which is probably THE worst smell when you are sick so I said he could have it as long as he went and ate it in the cafeteria. So my mom, sister and Drew all went to eat and it was finally my first time alone with Jasper. That's when I stared into his eyes and new I was a goner. At that point I would have done anything in the world to protect him from even an ounce of pain. But right after birth? I don't think I felt the maternal bond quite yet- I was in too much pain and throwing up too much to think about anything. So I guess for this one I get a Negative on the AP scale. This baby will be a c-section so I'm guessing I won't get a whole lot of bonding that first hour or two, and I don't think that makes me any less of a mother.

Breastfeeding: Breast is best. For baby and mother. Skin to skin bonding is necessary and makes baby feel loved and secure. blah blah blah. 

I think EVERYONE in the entire universe has been preached this. From what I understand about AP though is it's the ONLY way to feed your child and be a good mother. Maybe that's a little extreme- but that's what I get from it. Do I agree that breast is best? Absolutely. Do I think it makes you a better mom because you breastfed your baby till they are in preschool? Uhm. No. Certainly don't. Did I breastfeed Jasper? I certainly tried. I never made a whole lot of milk and Jasper lost almost a pound so they wanted me to pump and feed him so I could see how much he was eating. The poor kid was starving in the beginning! After just 2-3 weeks he was wanting 4 oz a feeding and I would pump for 40 min and get MAYBE 2 oz. So we pretty much had to supplement from the start. Finally by 6 weeks I was pumping (and still nursing when I could get him to latch) and getting 3 oz and I was thrilled! I had about 75% of his feedings covered. And it was getting better. Sure it sucked being hooked up to a pump half the time, I felt like a cow, literally, but I was doing it. And then at 6 weeks the OB convinced me to get a birth control shot ( I get it, I was 21 and she prob. didn't want me to turn around pregnant 2 months later) but what she failed to tell me is that it could dry my milk up. And it did. Within a week I was pumping around the clock getting an ounce at a time. I let this go one for another couple of weeks miserable, being hooked up to a pump 5 hrs a day and only making enough for maybe 2 feedings. So I quit. And felt such guilt. Will I try to breastfeed this babe? Hell yeah. And I've done more research this time, and have more confidence in myself to do this than at 21. But if for some reason I'm unable to, I refuse to feel guilty or less of a mother. So again, this would be a negative for me on the AP scale because I don't think formula is the devil.

Responding to baby; when a baby cries, respond to those cries. Every single one, immediately. Baby learns to trust you. Babies don't have a schedule, so don't try to get a feeding/sleeping schedule.

Basically sums it up? This one is harder for me to say where I lie. We had it So so easy with Jasper. Because, he DIDN'T CRY! I'm not kidding, it's okay to hate me. He would fuss sure, but full on wails? I didn't hear that till he got his 2 month shots and I about peed my pants from shock because I'd never heard him fully cry. We fed him on schedule every 3 hrs during the day and every 4 hrs at night. On the dot. I had alarms going off and everything. I would have to wake him, undress him, blow on his belly to get him to wake up so I could feed him. Once awake he would suck those ounces down, but he never really cried form hunger or anything because I fed him before he really Was hungry. This time I won't be such a drill Sergeant, I will let baby girl let Me know when she is hungry, tired, cold, etc. But again I'm going to get a big fat negative on the AP scale because I don't necessarily think you need to jump the second baby grunts or makes a whimper either. I didn't with Jasper and I think he's turning out pretty damn good. And at 6 months I did start to get him on a schedule which over 4 years later is proving to Still work amazingly. So I guess so far I'm 0-3 if you are keeping score.

Co-sleeping; babies thrive on skin to skin contact, this is also helpful with breastfeeding. Family beds are great.

Here it is. The big one. I knew this one was coming. And here's the thing that will get me death glares. I'm Not all for bed sharing. And this is coming from the lightest sleeper in the world. I wake up if Jasper sneezes through two closed doors and two white noise fans going. So I know personally I would never roll over baby in the middle of the night. But what about blankets suffocating babies? Agh the thought gives me a minor heart attack. What I AM for though is room sharing (just not bed sharing.) I do believe room (again, not bed) sharing lowers risk of SIDS, I just don't think having baby sleep in bed with us is a good idea. And by us, I mean Drew and I, not OTHER families. I get that it works great for others, and no judgement here- do what works for your family! Jasper slept in a bassinet in our room till he was 6 months old and this baby will too (at least that's the plan!) I loved having him an inch away from me, and  the first few weeks especially I swear I woke up every 20 minutes just to check on him, put my hand on his chest so I could feel him breathing. 

That being said, that I'm not a fan of bed sharing, I'm a huge hypocrite. When Jasper was about 3 months old he got a horrible horrible cold. He woke himself up coughing every 5 minutes and it was heart breaking to hear his little raspy breathing. I sat up in a chair holding him for the first couple of nights, and finally one night, laid in bed with him on my chest and finally got a few hrs of sleep. It helped him sleep because he was upright and on his belly and it helped ME because I was holding him. That last about 2 weeks of sickness (the sickest he has ever been to this day) and it took another week to 'wean him' from sleeping with me and back in the bassinet he went. So again, you have to do what works best, and sometimes that means going against what you said you would never do. So maybe I get a half a point for this since I do believe in room sharing just not bed sharing? 

Babywearing; do it. Constant contact is good and babies that are held often have fewer instinances of colic and helps with bonding. 

I held my baby often. Maybe TOO often some say. I didn't do it because a book told me to do it, I did it because he was so sweet and snugly I never wanted to put him down! But I held him in my arms. We had a mai tai but I HATED it- I used it maybe 10 times. It always hurt my back and shoulders. We also had a hiking back pack that we loved and used when hiking, or at the zoo a few times. But we did it more for convenience, not because we thought our son would have less of a bond with us if he was pushed in a stroller. I know some people who baby wear say it's so convenient because with out it they couldn't get anything done. I'm not sure if it's because of how we did things, or if it's because he was just a super easy baby, but if I needed to put Jasper in the bouncy or swing, or on the floor with a blanket so I could get something done, I did it. It didn't (most of the time) result in a crying fit. He's always been great at entertaining himself and that's a GOOD thing. Children need independence as well and don't (in my opinion) need to be entertained or carried all day long. So while I think baby wearing is a great thing to do on a occasion, I don't live by it like it seems AP believers do. Oh and I do plan on trying out some different baby carriers this time around- I just won't be living in one! 

Positive Discipline; no spanking, not about punishment but more about guiding your child.

Okay this one I guess I can hop on board with. I'm very anti spanking, and definitely try to guide Jasper instead of dishing out the punishment. But, yes there's a but, I also don't believe bad behavior should go Unpunished. At 4.5 he knows what's expected out of him, he's been guided. So if he chooses not to follow the rule that when we walk out the door to go across the street to where our car is parked he has to wait for mommy, if he chooses to run right out into the road and across the street with out waiting for me like he does patiently on the side walk 99% of the time, he will get a time out. Our time out work like this ' we talk about why he's going in a time out, he has to sit quietly for 4 minutes and think about what he did, then after I ask him why he was in time out and what he should have done differently'. Then it's done and over with. So maybe I don't get a full point for this one if using AP means your child doesn't ever get punished.  But again I just read a tiny bit about it so maybe there is some punishment involved. But I definitely agree that you shouldn't shame or scare your child into obeying (which by the way I HATE that word) but teaching him what's right and wrong and that there Are consequences for your actions. 

So there is is, my take on AP summed up (I'm sure if I read more about it I could give more details) but I think I know enough about it by now to say I definitely don't fit into an AP mold. Yes I will try to breast feed, and wear my baby when it's convenient, but I don't buy into the whole ' have to run and respond to baby's every whimper' and sharing a bed with baby (and apparently toddler and child?) is the way to go for our family.

And for the record, I am kind of surprised I'm not more AP- since I consider myself kinda crunchy. 

And also for the record, I feel perfectly bonded with my son, even though I didn't follow a check list on how to get there :) 

So AP parents, do you follow every 'rule' of the Attachment Parenting check list? Or do you pick and choose what works for your family? 

35.5 weeks!

This means I have less than 4 weeks to go before baby girl makes her arrival! 

How far along: 35 weeks and 3 days
Size of Baby: large cantaloupe, 19-22 inches and around 6 lbs. 
Total Weight Gain: 28 lbs. Blah. 
Maternity Clothes: I'm wearing less maternity clothes now because it's been SO nice and I'm back to my long skirts and maxi's. Sad story- I thought all my old dresses would fit-and they do, BUT, this big belly ( and the boobs) lift up my dresses by several inches making them just a tad to short. Boo. 
Gender: Girl! And she has a name :) 
Movement: She's still pretty active! Shes the most active at night when I try to go to sleep- hoping this doesn't mean she's going to be a night owl! 
Sleep: Nope not happening. Well some nights actually are okay- but these puffy bags under my eyes are proof that sleep is pretty rare. Still don't usually have to pee at night though which is WEIRD since with Jasper at this point I would get up like every hour or so in the middle of the night to pee. 

What I miss: Everything fitting. Being able to see my vajajay.
Cravings: Still fruit! And ice cream. And bread and cheese. Oh and popsicles now that's its getting WARM! 
Symptoms:PELVIC PAIN. Ouch.
What I’m looking forward to:Baby girl coming!! And Easter. 

And now for this BIG BELLAH

I had my first "I feel super fat moment" last weekend when trying on dresses at H&M. So far I've been okay this pregnancy, doing much better than last time about gaining weight and getting bigger. I guess I'm not QUITE as vain as 21 year old Darlene! But it's still hard. Especially since with Jasper I think I pretty much just got a belly- and like everyone told me, when pregnant with girls expect to grow everywhere..and that's been the case. I mean did you SEE the bootie in the picture? And the back? Ugh. Okay end rant! 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hard Rock Cafe Loves the PREGGO's

Not kidding. Yesterday 2 friends of mine got me out ALL DAY for some free time before baby number 2 comes and my 'free time' will be taking a 7 minute shower by myself (if I'm lucky, Jasper loved sitting in the bouncy chair while I was showering watching the water so that's not even Really alone time!) and we made the most of the day by packing in some down town Denver shopping, patio lunching and....THE HUNGER GAMES watching. 

It was a fantastic day- and one of the best parts? We got to Hard Rock Cafe and were told we had at least a 30 min wait- then the hostess took a look at my GINORMOUS bump, and said "Actually, since your obviously pregnant, let me see if I can get you in faster" Like 6 minutes later we had a superb table. How's THAT for service? One thing that did make me laugh though was when the waitress went out of her way to tell me about the virgin cocktails they had and when I asked where the bathroom was she said upstairs, but then quickly pointed out the elevator. Come one I'm pregnant not invalid! Either way it was a nice gesture, but I still made sure to take the stairs. Mamma's got to get her 'exercise' one way or another! 

And now, for the hunger games..if you saw it, what did you think? 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen

Saturday evening we had Drew's old RA and his wife over for dinner. Drew had gotten together with him over the years but I haven't seen him since probably right before I got pregnant (he was his freshman year RA so don't worry our  pregnancy didn't happen on his watch! ha.) 

It was a different situation having him over here for dinner because all I remember about him is doing my best to avoid him when I was sneaking in showers and what not since it was Drews (all boy's floor) dorm and I obviously didn't belong- but hey a girl can only go So long with out a shower!! (I was living in Boulder at the time so I'd come up to Denver for the weekends- and by weekend I mean like Wednesday/Thursday through Sunday) 

But regardless of me sneaking showers 6 years ago under his watch (which apparently he knew about- whoops!) we had a great time with him and his wife. After dinner inside (made my home made swedish meatballs and au gratin potatoes- always a success) we headed to the back yard and made a fire in our fire place back there. We haven't gotten many chances to use it yet since we moved in in October but I can tell I'm gonna LOOOVE it! We just brought the baby monitor back there and sat out there for hours! It ended up getting a little chilly, but nothing a few fleece blankets didn't solve! The only thing that would have made it more perfect is if I would have had a nice glass of red wine, but soon enough I will!

Drew snapped a few cell pictures as I was preparing dinner- and looking at them after I couldn't help but laugh at the whole 'pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen' thing. I'm a 50's housewife apparently!!

Skirt:Target (non maternity)
Shirt:H&M (non maternity) but probably was the last time I can wear it this pregnancy with out a tank top- anytime i moved my arms the bottom part of my belly peeked out, which I couldn't even tell because I can't SEE the bottom of my belly. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Belly Bandit vs. Baboosh Taut

Before I even got pregnant this time around I came across the belly bandit and decided when I had another baby I was going to do this! Then I sort of forgot about it till recently when my OB mentioned something about binding after a c-section can help with pain, and help your insides feel like they are actually Staying in! Crazy huh? So I started doing some research again and came across the belly bandit (again) and the baboosh taut.  They are both kind of expensive, roughly $70 and you usually have to buy 2 sizes- but if it works I think it would Definitely be worth the money!

So, my question to you lovelies, did you use either one of these? What did you think? I would LOVE LOVE some imput! I've read some not so good and some great reviews- and frankly I trust you're guy's opinion a ton!

Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm going to let you in on a little secret- maxi dresses? Are a pregnant girls Best Friend. They are as comfortable as a pair of your husbands old, baggy sweatpants ( not that I wear those or anything..) but look just a tad bit cuter than 5 year old sweatpants. Like I said. My BFF. Looks like I need to grab a few more for this awesome weather we are having. 

*Dress is from Forever 21- last year. And since it's stretchy I'm still able to wear a small (non maternity) at almost 9 months pregnant- confidence booster, and who doesn't need that?!*

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The sun is good for my body and soul

I mean really. This past week we have had sunny and 65-70's and it's been Heaven. We have been spending literally every waking minute outside and I feel amazing. I feel happier, refreshed, less stressed, and honestly? My body even feels better. I've woken up the last few days with MUCh less pain in my hips and joints. Does that make me crazy that I think the sun could possibly be making my body less sore? Possibly. But I don't care. I'll keep believing in the power of the Denver sun. We are living a mile closer to it after all.

Yesterday we took full advantage of the sun with a zoo date. We hadn't been in a while, and with this baby coming in less than 6 weeks or less it might be a while before we go again. Maybe once I hit 37 weeks and want to walk this baby out we will have to go once more because man am I sore after 4 hrs of zoo walking. But the zoo was so gorgeous that I barely noticed.

Sadly these are the only 2 pictures I took  of our entire zoo outing- I was too busy with my walking boy, sometimes I really miss when he was in a stroller! I could be a tiny bit more distracted when he was safely strapped in! Seeing him 12 feet away from a Lion with just a little glass fence in between us FREAKS me out! So no picture distractions for us! 

I was super excited when Diaper Cakewalk contacted me to see if I was interested in reviewing one of their fabulous diaper cakes. I of course jumped at the chance! When it came a few weeks ago I was more than satisfied with my diaper cake. My cake came with diapers (roughly 70 of them) and bath items such as a super soft towel, wash clothes, bath toys, a onesie and pair of no scratch mittens! Can't wait to use them on our daughter in just over a month! 

I can't be at my sister's baby shower (boo!) since I'll be ten hrs away with my own newborn, so I'm thinking of sending her one of these! I think she would be Thrilled and it would make me feel better for not being able to be there :)

So if you are looking for a diaper cake for someone's shower- definitely check them out!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Last week Drew and I got to go out- possibly last time before baby? We had the best possible time- going to a Guster concert! We've been huge Guster fans since high school (when Drew introduced me to them by making me a mixed CD for my spring break trip to Hawaii) so it was awesome to finally get to see them in Concert! They performed with the Denver Symphony and it was just amazing. 

The only thing is it was down town which is sometimes hard to get too parking wise- so we decided to park at a building Drew's company owns down town and hop on the 16th street mall bus. But we were running super late, so I turned to Drew and said let's just run. He looked at me and laughed thinking I was joking- NOPE. Not even being 8 months pregnant is going to keep me from a Guster Concert so we RAN. For like 4 blocks. Drew kept looking over and me laughing- I'm sure I looked hilarious. We had enough time to grab a bottle of water when we got there before it started because I definitely needed it after that! I haven't ran in so many months- that even just a few blocks had me out of breath. And then of course the Braxton Hicks decided to act up half the concert- the other half, she was dancing around crazy in there- think baby girl Loves Guster as well! Pretty excited that was her first concert :)

 As I was getting dressed Jasper turned to me and said, 'Mooom you can't wear those tights, they don't match!' Apparently my little fashionista (can boys be fashionista's or is there another name I'm supposed to call him?) wanted me in all black. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mommy Jasper day date.

As I typed that I couldn't help but chant " Joey and Janice's Day of Fun!" in my head- please tell me someone else get's the Friends reference? No? Just me. Moving on then :)

I'm trying to have as many special moments with Jasper since soon it will no longer be just the 2 of us. And I want him to feel special as well, and not left out, so we have been having some 'day dates' as we like to call them. He get's to pick out whatever he wants to do, and we do it just the 2 of us.

Wednesday we had one of these day dates. He decided he wanted to go play at the mall, eat lunch, get a haircut and go to the library. So that's what we did! 

 Love this sweater my dad sent him from Norway (where he lives)

 His hair is so SHORT! He got like 5 inches cut off :(
Hope you guys had a good weekend! We decided to have a relaxing one and get some things done around here since the next 4 weekends are pretty booked and anytime after that baby girl can choose to make her appearance if she pleases! 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Girls can wear blue

Over the past week I have spent hours going through bin after bin of Jasper's old baby clothes. Slightly heart breaking to see these tiny pieces and realize he will never wear any of them again! And it made me realize we simply MUST have another boy some day so I get to see another boy in these adorable outfits. It also made me realize, that this girl WILL wear blue. I have grown through these bins, and had a system going of what I think could work on a girl. Turns out I think a LOT can! I started this project to A)find my nursing bras to see if they will work this time because damn those are expensive! and B) I knew I had a bunch of baby blankets and 0-3 month outfits  that were gender neutral since I of course had to start shopping before I found out that Jasper was a he. 

I came out of this realizing that a lot of these outfits are going to look so damn cute on a girl! Especially when I throw a cute headband on as well. So basically this means baby girl's wardrobe just about doubled over night! Woohooo! 

This also leaves me with a small problem (not Really a problem since it involves shopping) But what are your bow/head band buying secrets? Where do you get them? Please let me know if you have any awesome places you shop for the little girls in your life! 

Some of Jasper's little outfits he will be passing on to his little sister!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This was Tuesday.

Sunny, SEVENTY DEGREES. Today, I had to scrape ice off my car because of the freezing rain and 30-32 degrees. Come on SPRING I'm so ready for you to come and stay for a while! While I absolutely love winter, I'm always more than ready for the next season to come along. 

 Sitting outside reading for an hr during Jasper's nap time my belly got a little burnt! Enough to sting in the shower but that's it.

That large white streak that looks like it's running down my side? NOT a stretch mark! I saw it at first and freaked out- but then's tooth paste on the mirror. Yep classy. I'm gonna say thanks to mama mio stretch mark oil I have NO new stretch marks this time around, even though my belly shot out SUPER fast! Hopefully my luck will continue for these next 7 weeks and afterwards!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

32 weeks

I took a few days off from the computer and I've got to say it felt FANTASTIC! 

Today I had my 32 week appointment, and in less than 7 weeks I will have my baby girl!! 

How far along: 32 weeks and 2 days
Size of Baby: Honeydew 19 inches 4.5 lbs
Total Weight Gain: About 25 lbs give or take a pound- this is where I wanted to be for TOTAL weight gain- and since I have another 7 weeks to go and I'm supposed to be gaining a pound a week (baby gains about 1/2 a pound a week from now on) I'm thinking that's Slightly impossible. I gained 35 with Jasper and I think I will be close to that this time, maybe 33 or 34? 
Maternity Clothes: Still a mix- jeans are for sure maternity, leggings are a mix, shirts are a mix as well. 
Gender: Girl!Movement:She's pretty active! Once in a while she hasn't moved as much and I get nervous- if I just give her a little nudge she pushes RIGHt back. No messing with her!
Sleep: Yeaaah that's not happening much. Sadly it's NOT even due to having to pee- I don't get up even once a night to pee which I was totally doing with jasper by this point several times, just due to this stupid pregnancy congestion, chest pains/breathing problems and being uncomfortable no matter how I lay

What I miss: Sleep. Honestly think I'll sleep much better with a newborn. 
Cravings: Fruit. Can't get enough. I eat SO much watermelon, cantaloupe and PINEAPPLE 
Symptoms:PELVIC PAIN. Ouch.
What I’m looking forward to:Spring!

At this appointment I found out I'm super anemic- not shocked there and a possible UTI- but I'm thinking not since i have no  symptoms of one. 

Funny dumb pregnancy moment- during appointment they told me I'd have to leave another urine sample because they think I might have a UTI or something so I chug a bunch of water and finish my appointment. I'm sitting there on the toilet writing my name on the little cup, birthday  etc. so they don't screw me up with another Darlene- ya know since there are SO many of us under the age of 80, then I go to pee in the cup..only to realize I had been peeing while writing all my info. Yeah. That happened.

I didn't even have enough in me to get  a DROP out . I had just peed twice in 20 minutes! I knew they wouldn't let me leave with out the leaving the damn pee, so I chug some more water, stand up and walk around in the bathroom, bounce a little (seriously I did) turned on the water and tried again. I wasn't able to get a ton, but I'm pretty darn impressed that I was able to pee back to back (to back!) Thank goodness for 4.5 pounds of baby sitting on bladder huh? 

So here it is, my 32 week 2 day bump
Please excuse the dead look in my eyes and crazy hair. Apparently this is what someone very pregnant and very sleep deprived looks like

Surprisingly nothing I'm wearing today is maternity

Shirt: H&M
Skirt: Target (ZOMG so freaking comfortable I had to get 2) 
Tank top underneath shirt: H&M
Shoes: Nordstroms