Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Your son is too skinny. Put butter on EVERYTHING he eats" Every male in my family is over 6 ft tall and super skinny. Clogging his arteries with butter on everything didn't sound like the way to go for me. So we didn't. And yes, he's still skinny. And tall.

"Your son shouldn't have this many teeth so early" He had teeth at 2.5 months- I have yet to see how this will cause a problem.

"He should be speaking more English words by now" Uhm He's BILINGUAL and you are trying to tell me that's a Bad thing?

"He sleep's too much" See below

"He's too active" Yes, he's active. And I love that about him. This is also why he's such an amazing sleeper. He won't stop moving while he's awake so he still needs 12 hours a night and a 2 hr nap at almost 4 years old. Again- don't see how that's a bad thing. He's a 3 year old boy- I don't think it's possible to be TOO active.

"He shouldn't be giving all those vegetables/fruit choices so early on, he could end up a picky eater" He's now almost 4 and I have YET to find a single food, fruit, vegetable that he won't eat.

The point to all of this is- Doctors Don't know everything. We, as mother's know our children. Thats our job. The doctor's job is to asses your kid based on averages. But Jasper? Has never been average. At anything.

He was crawling at 6 months. Average is 8 months.

He was walking at 11 months. Average is 13 months.

He had 2 teeth by 2.5 months and 4 by 3 months. Average is 6-7 months.

Jasper said his first word (besides mamma and dadda) at 14-15 months, and only a few words. By average standards he should have been saying about 30 words by then. He wasn't. But 3 months later he was SPEAKING Swedish. That's probably not average.

Adult's aren't all the same, so why do people expect babies to be?


  1. Love this post! It is difficult when people make comments and yes, every child is different and progresses differently! I totally feel you!!


  2. A doctor told you those things? I'll just shake my head and move on.