Monday, May 9, 2011

It's hard to believe that I just celebrated my 4th Mother's Day. How have I been a mom that long?

I found pictures of my previous mother's day and had to share. He has changed SO much!

My very first mother's day. I was 21 and J was 9 months. We spent the day eating on Pearl St. in Boulder- and then heading up to Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park- my favorite little mountain town.

My second mothers day was celebrated in Sweden! It was such a magical time in our lives, and it was the perfect day. Spring was finally here. Drew got me a purse (that he picked out himself) and to this day I LOVE. We sat outside eating lunch, went on long walks in the beautiful weather. Thinking about this day, and all of our spring and summer days in Sweden make me miss it so much it hurts.

Last year, my 3rd mother's day, I wanted to drive down to Denver (about 35 minutes from where we lived) to spend the day at Wash Park. It's a mile or so from where we went to college (DU) and close to my favorite coffee shop in the world. Kaladi Brother's Coffee. This is where I first learned to love coffee drinks, during freshman year of college. I love revisiting this neighborhood and park and be reminded of our first year away from home, just the two of us, before Jasper.

We had bagel sandwiches at the park, Kaladi venetian cream ice coffee, SUN, and I read a book on a blanket while the boys planed. We brought old bread to feed the birds, and ended up being interviewed and on the news about mother's day and how we were spending it. Which was kind of fun. Another amazing mother's day.

Drew and Jaspers created this while I was reading in the sun with my iced coffee.

Which brings us to this year. Drew had been asking me for a week or two what I wanted and wanted to do for mother's day. It was supposed to be (and was!!) the nicest day of the year so far (big man upstairs is looking out for us mamma's) so I knew I wanted to be outside. That's all I cared about. That and being with my boys. So we decided to create last year's day.

I got to sleep in!! And then Drew and Jasper brought me breakfast in bed- a starbucks g/c AND two pretty new dresses! Outside I also had a new hanging flower pot waiting for me. Also got a starbucks gift card from my MIL- kinda funny they both got me the same thing! Guess they know this mamma loves, and needs, her coffee.

Look- they made another chalk sign at the park!! This time Drew had like 7 kids helping him out. Kids always LOVE and flock to him. They were bummed when we were leaving with our container of chalk so Drew ended up passing out chalk to all the kids, leaving J with a lot less chalk, but J is such a good sharer he was okay with it :)

 My 'book' of choice this year was a magazine dedicated to royal wedding stuff. Yes, still can't get enough. I kinda have a girl crush on Kate, excuse me, Catherine.

This is my first mothers day that I didn't eat lunch outside- but after baking in the 84 degree Colorado sun, I was ready to eat in the AC. But we did eat dinner outside, so that counts right?

Hope everyone had an Amazing mother's day! You all deserve it!!

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