Thursday, May 19, 2011

Well they showed ME

It's been rainy/gloomy for the last couple of days so yesterday we spent the morning at Monkey Biz. So much fun for the boys. And lots of coffee for the mamma.

Today we decided to go play at the mcdonald's play area to get out of the house. I usually try to stay away from those areas- but we are going to the Children's museum tomorrow and I'm running out of indoor activities!

We had been playing/eating for about an hour when in walks a group of rough looking group of preteens. You know the type, baggy jeans, hats on backwards, big chains. Trouble obviously. Right?

I groaned (inwardly, I've got slightly more class than that) and told Jasper we were leaving in 5 minutes. I didn't want to stay there as the room got filled with loud, obnoxious 13-14 year olds.

A few minutes later, a 1 year old was up crawling around in the play structure and got scared in one of the tunnels and started screaming bloody murder. The mom just stood under neath him telling him to get over it and get down. I would guess this kid was 16-18 months, screaming/crying uncontrollably as he was stuck in a little, shaking, tunnel suspended 25 feet in the air. After the third time of her saying " You best get down yourself cuz I aint coming up for you" two of these hoodrats jumped up from the table, and climbed into the play structure. They each went through a different tunnel and made their way to the screaming toddler. They tried to gently coax the child into coming with them, but he wouldn't. Finally, through teamwork, one went ahead of the toddler and the other went behind, each holding a hand, guided the kid safely down.

Wild and crazy hoodrats huh?  I wanted to smack my judgmental self in the face. I judged these kids based on what they were wearing, and then they selflessly and with out being asked  OR even thanked climbed up to help this helpless child.

I had to redeem myself somehow. I went over to tell the kids what a great job they did. But that wasn't enough. I went to find the teacher ( who was in line paying for the 50 plus kids lunches) to let her know what the kids did. As I described the two kids, she thanked me over and over to coming up to me to tell me what they did. She said they don't get enough praise and people only approach her to tell her something wrong the kids were doing, not when they have done something good.

As we were leaving I saw her talking to the kids, who had big smiles on their faces with the praise they were getting.

Those kids taught me a valuable lesson that I need to be retaught once in a while. Don't judge a book (or person) by the cover.


  1. aww, great story! i'm so glad you said something to the teacher :) i bet they needed that boost of praise!

  2. I LOVE this story thank you sooo much for sharing! It was really touching