Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Did you guys have a great weekend? Our was fabulous- but went by So fast!

Saturday we did our typical Starbucks/park date just the three of us- then it was an early nap so Jasper could go to this second Swedish kids concert. Two guys who have 4-5 kid CD's out in Sweden came again this year ( we  went last year also) and put on an hour concert of their songs (in Swedish of course) and Jasper had so much fun.

After that we went and got new tires put on the volvo- while we were waiting we took a long walk around that neighborhood ( I could totally see myself living in that neighborhood!) while eating ice cream.

Yesterday was filled with more Swedishness (what, that's not a word?) It was Jasper's Swedish preschool graduation. Sweden is huge on graduation. Every year that I 'graduated' into a class growing up was a big deal. Everyone get's dressed up and we always put on a graduation concert for the parents. I remember it often being at the huge, beautiful local church in Ljusdal where I grew up, but also sometimes we had it outside- maybe it depended on weather? Either way- it was a big deal.

All the different classes sang songs (Jasper's class sang with the other classes as well which is good because there is only 7-8 of them in his class and they are 3 and 4 singing complex songs!) and the older classes put on a skit. Pippi Longstocking even came!! Jasper was so excited, it was like he was seeing Rob Pattinson or something..

After the concert/skits it was time for amazing swedish food. I wish I would have been able to take a picture of all the food out, but I was saving spots for us and our friends while the men took the kids through the line first. But it was Amazing. Breads, cheeses, pasta dishes, meatballs, and cake- Swedish cake! Mouth watering.

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