Saturday, May 21, 2011

Week in Iphone pictures.

I decided to join in with some of my favorite blogging mamma's and post a week in iphone pics, seeing as I almost only use my iphone instead of my $800 camera now.

 Jasper sipping mamma's Coconut Mocha Frappe- I have become addicted to these the past couple of weeks. Jasper loves stealing sips also.
 At Jasper's buddy's bday party. This picture cracks me up because he's standing there with his arms crossed talking to the adults. Such a little grown up!

 The party was at the butterfly pavilion- and here Jasper is getting ready to hold the GIGANTIC tarantula. I freaked out with just him holding it, I refused to go anywhere near it.
 My attempt at an outfit pic. This shirt/dress is from Sweden, bought in January when I was there but somehow this was the first time I wore it. Tights are from Jcrew and shoes from F21.

                             I got 3-4 inches chopped off. Haven't decided yet if I like it or not.
                                          Best salad in the world- made by ME.
                                        Sleeping Jasper.  Though the flash almost woke him up. Whoops!
                                              Spinach naan pizza. Beyond amazing.
 Jasper and his buddy Riah and Monkey Biz playing dress up.
                      The masterpiece he created at Monkey Biz- it even has feathers.
                                                         Jasper's favorite lunch.
                                   My favorite person in the Whole. Wide. World.
 Today we went to a Swedish kids concert- these guys came all the way from Gothernburg Sweden and performed for all the little Swedish kids. They kids had a blast. And the parents too. Jasper is in the front (laying down) in the red shirt. This was in the beginning before they had the kids up and dancing along.
 These are Everywhere. Medical Mary jane. I love seeing what they are called, this was was called colorado caring health or something weird like that. If you don't see the pot plant symbol at the bottom you would never now what they were selling in there.
Jasper was trying to use the 'big boy potty' today at at Drew's work when we stopped in to scan something- I about died laughing. He's just a tad to short. I took a video that I might post because it's too funny not too. But don't worry, not nudity- his shirt cover's up everything :)


  1. I am soo in love with the mocha coconut frap!! And, my 16 month old steals sips every now and then, too :)

  2. I love your hair! It's so funny I've been using my iphone now for everything instead of my camera, ipod or GPS navigator lol.