Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jasper loves the ladies.

Seriously. I totally believe the whole 'born gay vs straight' deal even more now because I will be shocked to my core if this little boy turns out to love boys instead of girls. Not that I haven't thought that maybe it would be good if he did, because than he would never love another woman as much as his mamma..slightly pathetic I know, but give me a break- right now I'm his WORLD, why would I want that to change?

Anyway, back to Jasper lovin' the ladies. He does. And ya know what? They seem to love him too. He's quite the charmer. At parks somehow he manages to get 6-7 year old girls chasing after him and wanting him to play. He's THREE! I feel that one day in the not so far away future- we are going to hate this. But for now? It's adorable.

I think Jasper has his first 'official' girlfriend. He has had a couple girls that we play with that I know he's been ' in to', Yes, my three year old, but this girl? Oh man. He's head over heals. And apparently she is for him to.

They both talk about each other at home All the time. Like non stop. And when they are together? They don't seem to notice the dozens of kids around them, only each other.

Her name is Riley. She goes to Jasper's Swedish class. They both went to swedish school last year as well- but they are in different classes, so we never really saw them.

Then last summer we were at the Estes Park Swedish Midsummer Festival. We got to talking and realized we all went to Swedish class. Then we started seeing them at Swedish class, and I would talk to R's mom while the kids were in class- but they still aren't in the same class so they didn't really see each other. A couple of months ago we decided to get the kids together during the week, and that's when they really started getting serious. Ya know, for as serious as 3 year olds can get.

We had R and her family over for dinner after Swedish class on Sunday and they played great together in Jasper's room. But get this- I went in to check on them and caught them player DOCTOR in bed! How early does this start?!?! She was lifting up his shirt to check his 'owies' and the funny thing is he just laid there and let her do whatever she wanted to him. This is crazy because 1. He NEVER lays still and 2. HE is the bossy one, but here he was letting her boss him around and he just did whatever she wanted.

I guess they learn early on it's best to keep the lady in their life happy.

Jasper and Riley's first meeting. Dancing around the midsummer pole. 

And now the moms are talking- discovering that we both go to Swedish class and that the kids were born 3 days apart. 

 At the Children's museum.
Playing ' Doctor'

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