Saturday, May 14, 2011

Steppin Out Saturday

Thursday night hubbs sprung a work dinner on me that he wanted us to go to. It was with a few male coworkers of his and their wives/girlfriends. Yeah sure, we can find a sitter in 20 hours with nearest family 750 miles away and me refusing to hire someone I don't KNOW. Like personally know. Like know all their past history/boyfriend/family/account info know. Okay not really the account info, but everything else. 

My friend happened to call and I told her the dilemma and she offered to give up her friday night, drive 40 min. one way and come spend the night here. Great friend huh? 

So out we went. I didn't take any pictures while out because I didn't want to be That girl. Plus, we were in the company of people that are listed on wikipedia, for political reasons, and maybe wouldn't have appreciated having their picture taken feasting on a ridiculous amount of Italian food and many bottles of wine.

All in all it was a fun night, especially when the group got smaller and just a few of us headed to a karaoke bar after dinner (which by the way last almost FOUR hours!) 

I made Drew take a couple of pictures before- but that man is NOT a good photographer! But oh wells here they are.

Dress: Bought in Sweden, June 2009- one of my Favorites.
Shoes: Dolce vita for Target- surprisingly quite comfy. 


  1. You look ADORABLE as always :)

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