Friday, May 20, 2011

What we are eating

So we have sort of stopped with the game on diet. I don't do very well with rules and diets. But ever since starting this diet we have been eating healthier in general. For over a month how we have been eating at least one salad a day, and it's something I'm keeping up with even after I quit the diet. I often find myself eating a salad for lunch And dinner. But I do have to have bread or some other carb with it. Otherwise I'm starving 20 min. later.

 Annies organic mac and cheese and spinach with some sharp cheddar cheese and sun dried tomato dressing. Cheese makes EVERYTHING better, hummus and naan bread. My Favorite lunch.

                                      Salad, couscous and a roll. A delicious dinner.
                                    My all time favorite salad. Mediterranean chicken salad.
 Salad and risotto for lunch. So filling and quite delicious.
Ceasar salad and pesto pasta. And bread. Okay a lot of carbs in this one- but it's so good I don't care!

And there ya have it. What we have been eating. Oh and in case you were wondering Jasper pretty much always eats what we eat. If he asks for something different he can have something else, but he Loves carbs and salads like his mamma! Even before I got on my salad kick he was ordering salads when we would go out to eat. Waiters would look at me after he ordered and offer to bring out some chicken nuggets. Nope just the salad. It's what the kid wants!


  1. WELL NOW I AM HUNGRY!! Looke delish girl!

  2. mmm yum it all looks so good! I love Naan bread but I only eat it when we go out for Indian which is very rarely I'm going to start buying it now to have at home!
    The pesto pasta looks really tasty I've never tried pesto but always wanted to do you make your own sauce?

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