Friday, May 13, 2011

You may rain on my parade..

but Please don't rain on my hair!

It's been raining here for TWO day's straight! Which for CO is incredibly rare. Drew and I were talking, and we can't remember, in the 5 years we've lived in CO, a time where it's rained all day- let alone TWO days! But we so need it. Forest fires are popping up everywhere because we are in a drought, so no complaints about the rain..

Until I decided to do my hair for once. I tried perfecting 'The Kate' hair do (by the way, Maaajor girl crush on the future queen of England) and I think I got pretty close! And then I stepped out in the rain. I thought I was doing good, pulling the hood up on my rain jacket, covering all of my hair..and then I got home and looked in the mirror. Boo. Flat, hair. curls/waves are Gone!

No 'before' pictures- but I promise you it looks Much better than this!

But I did get to spend a Super relaxing hour, sitting in the car while Jasper did his little gym class, sipping on my Starbucks coconut mocha (So delish) and crocheting a baby blanket for a friend while listening to the rain fall on the windows. It was actually quite cozy and relaxing.


  1. ahh! you crochet?! i do too, but i'm still such a beginner. have you ever tried to knit? i want to try, but i don't know if it's harder or easier than crochet. also, maybe i should just stick to one thing until i'm good at it! thank goodness for the rain out there! i was so sad last year when i moved to ny and kept hearing about everyone in boulder having to evacuate their homes. i have quite the girl crush on kate myself! she presents herself so well, but i like how william said she has a naughty sense of humor ;)

  2. YES! you are DEF going to teach me how to crochet this summer!! :) :) :)

    please? haha.