Monday, May 2, 2011

All the males in my family are amazing chefs.

My dad is a world traveling chef, he travels the world cooking.

My brothers are both wonderful cooks- my oldest went to culinary school where he spent the last 6 weeks cooking in France.

My cousin, in Sweden has also chosen cooking as his path. He is my dad's brother's oldest son, and at 21 he is already an amazing cook. He's been on a cooking show, where he made it to the top 6- and it was a big deal! He's the youngest to have ever been on that show I believe.

Here he is again now on TV cooking, which apparently he will be doing every day this week.

I'm not able to load the link since it's not from youtube- but you should totally check this out. It's obviously in Swedish, but it's pretty Awesome I think :)

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