Tuesday, May 10, 2011

100 Wonders of the WOrld

I recently saw this list and got to thinking. I feel like I've seen a lot, traveled a lot. Been to quite a few different countries. But when looking a this list? I realize I haven't seen much at all yet! And That is a problem. I have this deep desire in me to see Everything. Nothing get's me as excited as thinking about traveling. New cars, big houses, blah blah blah. That stuff doesn't excited me.But seeing the world? Does. Drew and I, thankfully, agree on this. We would rather spend our hard earned money or vacations, and experiences than having the newest cars and nicest house on the block. I think those experiences are the best gifts we could ever give our kids. So now, I need to go through this list and decide where we Must go next! Besides Sweden this summer and North Carolina this fall we won't be doing much traveling outside of CO- but there's always next year!

I bolded the ones I've been to- only FOUR! Drew can add another two that he's been to- but that still leaves 94 wonders of the world neither of us has seen. I would choose all the ones in Italy next if it was up to me! Have you guys seen any of the 100 wonders of the world? Where they that wondrous? I want to know!!!

Top 100 Wonders of the World


  1. This is awesome! I've would LOVE to see every last one of those!

  2. I went to about 10 out of the 100. Italy is absolutely beautiful! Greece, Kenya and Egypt are on my list of top places I want to see!