Friday, April 8, 2011

What We Ate

 Sunday night Drew made his DELICIOUS home made broccoli cheddar soup. It's seriously so freaking good. Makes up for the fact that he cooks every 4 months. Jasper and I had this for leftovers on monday, you should probably be jealous.
 On Tuesday Jasper requested pasta- like he does every other day. Kept it simple with just boiled pasta, pepper and BOURSIN CHEESE. I posted a recipe before with this cheese and I didn't feel like making it for a quick lunch- but this instead of a sauce was ah ma ziiing. Seriously. Try it. And it feels a lot healthier than some heavy sauce.
 We eat this probably every week. It's just so simple and delish. Cheese and spinach pasta.
I love baked potatoes. Jasper enherited this love from me. Maybe because I HAD to have one every day at 4 (weird huh) during the first 4 months he was in my belly. Throwing a salad on the side felt like it made up for the pound of sour cream we had to have on our potatoes. But we also ate the skin- making it healthy (er)

What did your kiddos eat this week? Anything delish we need to know about?


  1. I ate baked potatoes for one of my babies, too. Maybe it's the comfort factor. And look at your son. It's probably why he's cuter than cute. :-)

    New GFC follower.

    May your weekend have some sunshine!

  2. Stopping by to say hi!! Those ALL look very yummy!! My son loves pasta and potatoes.

    Found your blog on Social Parade and am a new GFC follower.


  3. Hi.... I'm your newest follower.

  4. omg now I want a baked potato lol