Monday, April 18, 2011

Looking back...Baby belly

Since I wasn't blogging back when I was preggo and had baby J I figured  I would reminisce and post some oldies.

I was convinced I was a huge cow when I was pregnant, and I guess compared to the size 0 105 lb girl I always had been I was- so I refused to have pictures taken. I So regret that now. Stupid 20 year old, vain Darlene!! Here are some of the very few I do have.

Here I am in February, 2007- 4 months pregnant. What's so funny about this picture you ask? The fact that I thought my belly was huge! HA. Now I can't even see anything there, but yes, I thought I had a big belly here. And my hair? Slightly ridiculous. My normally thick hair got even thicker during pregnancy, causing my hair to look like a bad wig.

And here I am WEARING THE SAME SHIRT exactly one month later, (5 months preggo)the belly had popped by this point. And I had to wear a tank top under the same shirt because I had some major (for me) cleavage going on. And still not thrilled with having pictures taken obviously.

One month later- now 6 months pregnant. And sporting quit the basketball.

7 months pregnant w/ baby daddy at the omaha zoo.

                               3 weeks before my due date (5 weeks before J's actual birth)
                                             Week before due date at the lake!

On my 21ST BIRTHDAY. Crazy party huh? This is one week Past my duedate- and 5 days before I went in to be induced. Funny story (kind of) I went out for a birthday drink later on this day. It was my 21st- I had to! And my doctor said it was fine anyway. I went crazy and ordered a amaretto sour- and then took 2 sips and handed it off to Drew. And by the way you should have seen my server's face when I asked for a drinks menu....

Let me know if you play along and post old belly pics! I love looking at them- just refused to have them taken when it was me! 


  1. Isn't it amazing how our bodies change during pregnancy! Whenever I reminise and look back through old pictures I can so remember every moment of being full of baby! haha...

  2. You looked amazing preggos. I can't believe the first pic you were so tiny & u actually thought u were huge?! lol crazy. Okay you've inspired me now I'm going to post some pics I just have to find them I know I have a few somewhere. I'll have to scan them into the computer.