Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top Two Tuesday: Things I collect

I'm not big into collecting things. I like to keep our living spaces as clutter free as possible, so collecting things just to collect wouldn't work for us!

I do have a few things that I can't help buy a lot of though.

Number 1- Dresses.

I probably have over 100 dresses- and maybe 20 shirts. I just love wearing dresses so much more than pants/shirts.

This is about 2/3 of my dresses- it doesn't look like that much, but all of those hangers are filled, so some dresses must have just been shoved behind the others.

And Second, little Swedish decorations. All the ones I have I have bought in Sweden over the last few years whenever I go. A lot of them are from thrift shops that I just couldn't pass up.

 My ' Welcome' signs, and a few class plates. All of these were bought at thrift stores in Karlstand and Stockholmg- except for the blue sign, that was bought here in CO at the Swedish Midsummer Festival up in Estes Park.
 The flag to the left my friends from Sweden brought for our wedding to put on the table where we had Swedish food. The one on the right was a thrift store find. The buy sitting on the wine barrel is def. not Swedish- my dad brought it over from Italy in October. Figured I needed to represent my moms heritage also and not just my dads. (Fun fact- after I got that Italian guy I was watching old episodes of Giulianna and Bill- and they got one for a wedding present just like that from I think her brother or something)
Some more little Swedish guys- all Thrift store finds except for the little santa guys, and the little blonde boy kissing the girl was my grandmother's in Sweden that my dad had me take with me when I left there in January before she passed away. The little tray says "The best that we have is each other" - Love it. It was $2. Story behind the little santa guys-growing up in Sweden we were told about these little tomten (santa) are always in the forest watching us as we were playing all year long to make sure we were being good. My friends and I would go on little tomten hunts, seeing if we could find one, but those little suckers were super good at hiding, so we never did catch one. But we made sure to play nicely so they wouldn't report to santa that we weren't being good! Some people had them in the house all year long- so you even had to behave in your own home because they were watching!! So I have continued on the tradition with our little santa's in the house, watching us all year long.

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  1. Love dresses... you can never own too many!!
    Ava xx

  2. Thats alot of dresses! I love dresses too!!

  3. Your Swedish signs are so unique!! And I would much rather wear dresses, too!