Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Game on

Diet that is. Yesterday I got a text from hubbs saying

"60ish days till Sweden. 20 lbs to lose- wanna do the game on diet with me"

Last January a couple of my friends and I did the Game On! Diet- I also had Drew on it. My friends and I lost between 5-10 lbs each in 4 weeks- and Drew lost about 20. Over thee past year he has gained most of it back and apparently wants to go back on it!

I figured why not- it's not an extreme diet- it's basically just about eating healthier meals. There's a whole chapter on food- and I'm not going to go too much into detail- but I'll post our progress here! We are doing out first official weigh in tonight, and then will start tomorrow. Wish us luck!!

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  1. First of all: prata du svenska? Or do you plan on learning? Everyone speaks English and they love English/American television but still, it's good to understand and speak a little.
    I lived in Göteborg for a year. It takes a bit of getting used to; you have to want to adapt to the cultural differences and food, etc. For instance, stores are not open all day, everyday. People go to the grocery store often because the packages of milk, eggs, everything are smaller. Taxes are immense but you do get free healthcare if you want to wait a long time for treatment. I loved the experience; but I love trying new things. How did you develop your love of Sweden by the way? My husband is Swedish; we visit his family every summer.
    Second of all, I am !jealous! of you winning the Merino sleep bag. My son's feet are always cold in the morning :(
    Please ask any questions about living in Sweden if you like. I would love to give you some insignts.