Thursday, April 21, 2011

Apartment Hunting: Stockholm

Okay so it's a little premature, but it's almost a guarantee that we will move to Sweden in the future. Hopefully in a year but probably more like 2 years. So yes, it's a little early to be apartment shopping- but i love looking at real estate. And I really love looking at real estate in Sweden.

They have such crisp, clean, WHITE, modern homes. Usually with so much less clutter than American homes. I can spend hours looking at searching for our future dream home. I'm going to start featuring some of the homes I find on here. Maybe no one else interested at all- if so, feel free to skip over these posts :) But if nothing at least you can look at some pretty pictures!

Today's Swedish home is an apartment right in Stockholm. It's located in the Sodermalm area, where supposedly actor Stellan Skarsgard lives. It's also the place where much of The Girl W/ The Dragon Tattoo trilogy(LOVE those books) takes places.

 View from the neighborhood- across the water is Gamla stan- and all the great shopping. It's just a 15 minute boat ride or i think maybe a 20 min bus ride (last time i was there i took the boat, not the bus so I'm not positive on the time)
 Lovely, bright living room. Not huge, but definitely big enough.
 View from living room. Love all the windows.
 Eat in Kitchen. Obviously.
 Bedroom/playroom. Jasper would be in heaven in this room.
 Love all white rooms. Especially bathrooms. Just looks so CLEAN. And there is a washer/dryer in there as well. Big bonus!
 Balcony's in a city make me Oh so happy.

 View from balcony- I'd never want to leave!
 So much natural light. Another that that makes this mamma so happy.
 Little playground in the court yard, but Jasper would have more fun exploring on those rocks, and playing in the sand.

And we would get to enjoy this on our daily walks.

Okay this was just supposed to be for fun, but I want to pack up and move to this apartment RIGHT NOW!

**This apartment is listed at $534,000 eeek! And not only that, even after buying the apartment we would still have to pay $650 a month, sort of like an HOA fee.


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  4. Have you thought about redecorating your current home using the Swedish homes as inspiration? Maybe help tide you over until you move :)

  5. You will definitely want to purchase an apartment if you are moving here! Renting one is quite difficult as it is done on a cueing system through Bostadsfömedling, which you benefit from if you have a Swedish person number and have been registered for quite some time. Cueing times can be several years >8 or more for larger flats in prime areas like Södermalm, Vasastan, Östermalm, etc... areas. The apartments found via the cue are rent controlled and rather cheap compared to a second hand contract or corporate rental. This is a piece of advice I wished I'd known before I moved here.