Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Judgmental moms

This past weekend when getting dressed for the day I just had to wear a dress since it was a record breaking 81 in the beginning of April. This is Colorado folks, not California so it was a big deal! Along with the cute little sun dressed I had just ordered from Forever 21 I wanted to break out some wedges, because helloooo NICE WEATHER. Plus I wanted to look cute. Call me shallow. Whatever.

So I headed to the park with my boys and dog in my heals. I was just focusing on my family, barely noticing those around me when my observant husband whispered "do you realize you have gotten glares from 3 different moms in the last 10 minutes?" I responded with "What? What are you talking about? I don't even know anyone here" His response was something along the lines of " it's because you are looking so hot, and they are all in sweatpants."

After his comment I had to look a little more careful, and after that I got TWO MORE GLARES. The looking me up and down with frowns. And get this. One mom even had the nerve to comment "Good luck chasing your son around in those shoes" This coming from a mom who sat on a bench with her phone out the entire time they were at the park. She had her sweat pants and tennis shoes on and still wasn't 'chasing' her son around.

I've got to me honest. This pissed me off. I don't judge moms when they show up at the park in holy sweatpants looking like they haven't showered in a week. I don't. Why? Well because one, I've been there. Two, because I just. don't. care. If you want to wear stilettos to the park? Good for you! If you want to wear holy tennis shoes and a sweatshirt with baby spit up on it? Great! I've done both of those. There are days I don't want to get out of my yoga pants and sweatshirt, but if my son wants to go to the park, we are going to the park. Regardless of what I'm wearing. So you get NO judgement from this mamma. But these moms are going to judge me because I decided to wear a dress and heals to the park? I think that's sad.

Am I the only one that feels like they get judged the most by other moms? Please let me know I'm not the only on out there!!

By the way, I had no problem chasing my son around in my dress and heels. We did the monkey bars, went down the slide,played our air plane game and even played tag.


  1. I'm totally the mom in the sweats and gross ponytail, but if you were at our park wearing that? I'd be nothing but jealous. I, for sure, wouldn't glare. Similar rant: I get glares at Gymboree class b/c I don't wear my wedding rings. They don't fit right now. And other moms stare constantly, so I get it. Totally.

  2. Good for you number 1. Number 2... I am totally over those moms... since becoming a mom I totally understand both spectrums and also you are right... who cares.... I have gotten glares for both I think and really... they can just get over it!

  3. Here in FoCo people are sooo judgemental. Somedays I dress to the nine's, other days I'm barely surviving in my yoga pants. On top of what you're wearing it's like a competition of who brings the healthiest and most organic snacks in their name brand bag thingy.

    Seriously, moms here bring a whole buffet of food and "name brand" water bottles that are meticulously labeled with kids names. But heaven forbid they sit on the grass LOL They bring out this huge blanket and blah blah blah...

    I totally get the fact that they spend more time packing, unpacking and packing at back up than they do actually enjoying being outside. People need to get off their high horse and stop being so judgmental!