Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Looking back...Pre Jasper pictures

..Wanna see scandalous pictures of the weekend J was conceived?(Not Those kind of pictures!!)

Just some fun college pictures..

It's Halloween weekend, 2006. about 9.5 months before Jasper was born..
 We started out listening to a band, miniscus I believe, at a local bar. Drinks were had (with my sweet fake ID) and pool was played..then we stepped outside because a friend we were with wanted a cig and I didn't want to be left inside by myself...on our way back in- ID was taken. Boo. But I found out 6 weeks later I would no longer be needing an fake ID.
 Wearing my Favorite pants, for the last time. These were the first clothing item to no longer fit when preggo. Boo. They were SO sweet- ripped, faded flower sequins sewed on.. SO cool. Take my word for it. And yes- I'm wearing a retro NBC shirt- no idea where I got it, but it was so soft.

First Halloween party. Drew and I were thinking of what we should dress up...
 We decided to go as a pimp and a HOE. Classy huh?
 Told ya some of these were scandalous....
 Funny store about this kid (drew's roomie) He had a few classes w/ a certain famous ice skater who went to DU (clue, her last name rhymes with...Shwan.) and they went to dinner and lunch a few times ( he called it a date, but who knows if it really was) but he was sitting with her once when she got a phone call from a certain Secretary of State- we will call her Connie Ice. And once this kid came back to the dorms and tried to hurry up and clean up because he thought his 'date' was coming back to his dorm..not sure that ever happened.
 Showing off the tight pants..
 Darth vader..this irish golfer was the collest.

I really doubt we would have had those smug looks on our face if we knew what was to come 9 and a half months later.

Make sure you let me know if you play along and post pre baby pictures- I'd love to stop by and check them out!!

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