Saturday, April 2, 2011


Okay mamma's. Here's the deal.

I love shoes. I have TONS of shoes. Boots, booties, sandals, heels, really high heels, sexy shoes, comfortable shoes, shoes that are so loved they are falling apart, shoes so uncomfortable they only get brought for Special occasions. I got em all.

But what i DONT have is a pair of CUTE but extremely COMFORTABLE sandals. Sandals that I could wear on really long walks, but that also look cute with dresses/skirts. I have cute, comfy sandals- but leather ones, that I wouldn't wear if I was going to be out walking all. day. long.

This mamma goes on long walks with the babe almost every day- and when I do I change out of whatever cute dress I'm wearing into yoga pants and tennis shoes. And that's fine. But for the days that I don't want to change out of a dress, i Need a pair of cute, comfy walking shoes.

The main reason for this is in July we are going to Sweden for TWO WEEKS. And these days will be filled with tons of walking and exploring. I need to be able to wear a cute dress but still have cute, comfy walking shoes.

So this is where you fashionable mamma's come in handy. Anyone have any tips on where to look for this type of shoe? Please help!! My feet will greatly appreciate this!!


  1. I have a really GREAT pair of gladiators that are super cute and also super comfy! I found that the key is to make sure that the sandal has a substantial sole, not those super thin or thin and hard soles most sandals have! My glads are almost like birks in the way their soles are shaped/formed! So great! I can check who made them if you're interested, but I got them 2 years ago in Canada!

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