Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

 Saturday was the first time I was able to walk around a bit- and good timing since we were headed to a HUGE easter egg hunt in Wash Park. A local church put on an egg hunt for the kiddos and set out 15000 eggs!!

                                             Waiting patiently for the hunt to begin.

This egg hunt was for pre-schoolers (elem. school was later) so I was shocked to see how intense some of these parents were!! There were moms that pushed their strollers in and were scooping up dozens of eggs and throwing them at the bottom of their basket. This was supposed to be fun for the KIDS, and here you are showing your stroller in front of 3 year olds so you can get as many eggs as possible? Pathetic. Seriously pathetic.

 This mom was running so fast her toddler went flying! This girl was in tears and the mom started yelling GET THE EGGS. Seriously? I couldn't believe she thought getting a few free plastic toys was worth having her daughter's knees skinned and in tears.

Jasper had such a fun afternoon, and loves his little plastic toys he got.

 Jasper was SO excited when he woke up SUnday morning and realized the Easter bunny had come for a visit while he was sleeping. And brought ALL of the free willy movies!! His favorite.
 Opening his Easter package his grammy (my mom) had sent form Iowa.
 I asked Jasper to pick up that plastic bag (which i conveniently dropped) so he could find the note the Easter bunny left in the kitty door. He was SO excited and kept shouting "Easter bunny wrote my name!!" (since he knows how to write his name he could see that the note said Jasper)
                                          Look mom- he left one on the fire hydrant!!

After the egg hunt I was too busy to remember to take pictures. Fail but we had a Fabulous Easter Sunday.

After our egg hunt I made us my delicious Swedish pancakes- which we ate while snuggling on the couch and watching Free Willy 3, then we headed to our PO box where Jasper had another Easter package waiting from his other grandparents. After a starbucks run it was park time.

The rest of the afternoon consisted of Jasper napping while we cleaned up and prepared for our grill out. We invited all of our friends that don't have any family here. We don't have family here, but at least we have the three of us. Our friends don't even have that! So they all came to celebrate with us. I'm still not sure How we managed to fit 8 adults and Jasper into our little living room since it started pouring right after we started the grill- but it was cozy and fun and we ate delicious burgers, hot dogs, fries, salad, asparagus, grilled red pepper (YUM) and different cakes. I didn't get a single picture of any of this- but in my defense I had a Lot to do!

Hope everyone had as great of an Easter weekend as we did!

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