Friday, April 15, 2011

He teaches ME so much

I know as the parent I'm supposed to be the one teaching my child everything, but there is so much this little man has taught me.

He has taught me Love. Of course I loved before him. My parents, siblings, extended family, friends, baby daddy, high school love, but this? This love is indescribable. The kind of love where I would literally do ANYTHING for him. Anything so he would never have to feel pain. I would do anything to give him the life he deserves. And I still don't feel like anything I could will ever be enough because this child will Always deserve more.

But besides love, Jasper is teaching ME how to be thankful. For everything. A couple of weeks ago, I was cleaning the bathroom-  a good deep clean. This needs to happen quite frequently because lately Jasper has decided he wants to stand up while peeing. This makes things a bitty messy at times though the kid has fantastic aim! What sport do you need great aim for? Cuz I need to sign him up.

Anyway I'm getting side tracked- as usual. As I was scrubbing the pee stained (sorry TMI) toiled Jasper comes him, see's what I'm doing, runs over to give me a hug and said " Thanks mom!!!" With So much enthusiasm. " Thanks for what Jasper?" "For washing my toilet!" And then he ran out of the bathroom.

I burst into tears. Yep, over the fact that my son thanked me for cleaning the toilet. It's not even for the fact that he is SO SWEET. Who does that? Who get's grateful over someone cleaning a toilet? He does. And that's beyond amazing to me. It got me thinking about how grateful I really should be. I should spend all day with no emotion other than thankful because I have SO much.

I have the worlds sweetest, most amazing little boy and he is MINE.

I have a hard working husband that would do anything for us.

I get to stay home with Jasper, every. single day. And have been able to do so since he was born.
We have a (tiny, but perfect for us) house in the most amazing neighborhood in Denver.
We have Everything we need. MORE than that.
We have LOVE. So much love.
I get to fulfill my dream of TRAVELING (Twice to Europe in 6 months, and then the east coast right after that)

I could go on and on. And I will. I need to start stating everything I'm so grateful for to Remind myself. It's sad that it took my three year old to remind me to be thankful, but that is just one more thing to be thankful for.


  1. This is beautiful! SO true! We are wiser because of THEM!