Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mamma-Jasper day date.

On Tuesday I started watching a little boy. Oliver. He is 13 months and will come to our house Monday-Friday 8-5ish. I watched another little boy Riley when we were living in Superior, and it was such a great situation for us. I get to make some money, while staying home with my son. And honestly? I didn't think throwing an extra kid in make my life that much more difficult. They napped at the same time, played together and were the best of friends. Outings were slightly more difficult with two, but totally manageable. If I'm going to have the three plus kids I want, I better get used to it.

Anyway I had today off because his mom has one Friday off a month (which I get off and paid!!, pretty excited about that) so I wanted to plan a fun day for Jasper and I. It will be the last day we have just the two of us in a few weeks. And oh how sad this makes me!! But we still have Every single day together, so I'm just going to focus on that.

We woke up and laid in bed snuggling and watching some netflix in bed (Free Willy 4 if you were interested) then ate our favorite breakfast- greek yoghurt, organic blueberries and some agave. If you haven't tried- DO IT. It's delish.
Then we got ready, rode our bikes- okay Jasper rode his bike, I chased after him, to the park where we played for an hour.

Then we headed to the mall for some indoor playtime and lunch.

Trying on matching hats at Urban Outfitters 

My World

We didn't end up doing anything super special, but it was the best day. All it took was three days having someone else join us during my days to make me realize just how grateful I am to spend every day with him. He is my world. And while we will have another little one joining us for the days, we will still have at least once a month JUST US. And that? Is pretty amazing. 


  1. This is so awsome! What special times :)

  2. I think the days when you do nothing special always makes them even more special! :)

    Thank you so much for stopping by! I'm following you back!


  3. That sounds like a great deal-- make a little money AND stay home and play with Jasper! I bet the two keep each other more entertained, too, so that you don't have to be constantly trying to keep him occupied.

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