Friday, April 1, 2011

What We Ate

We decided to celebrate Sweden's Waffle Day (Yes, they have a waffle day) a week late by making waffles on Monday. We decided to make it more fun by adding red food coloring. (This was lunch, not breakfast) 

 I decided to jump on the band wagon and make quinoa. I found a recipe for lemon/garlic quinoa and it was surprisingly good! With the quinoa I also made veggie tacos. SUCH a tasty and healthy meal. It was so good Jasper was asking for it for breakfast the next day...
 About once a week I get lazy and make Annie Organic Mac and Cheese. Jasper and I both LOVE it. He asks for pasta almost every day, so I have to give in once in a while. Served with a side of strawberries and applesauce.
 Wednesday night I made garlic and lemon chicken and potatoes. Can ya tell I like lemon and garlic? Threw in some asparagus as well. Everyone asked for seconds, so I'll call it a success.
Thursday it was finally nice enough to eat outside! Jasper and I enjoyed grilled cheese with two different kinds of cheese (organic cheddar and Swedish mild ost) and yellow peppers. If you haven't tried grilled cheese with sliced peppers in between the cheese slices you absolutely must. Jasper asked for a side of strawberries and cucumber.

As always, I'd love some fun, easy, healthy (ish) meal ideas!!

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  1. you always have such great ideas! I tried the bagel with cream cheese, cheddar cheese and pepper (I thought it was so odd to put together!) and absolutely loved it!