Friday, April 8, 2011

Things I've done as a mother that I never expected to do

Yesterday, I went in to pee and Jasper comes running in two seconds later with his toothbrush saying "Bwush my teeeeeeth". So I did. Drew comes chasing him a minute later and sees me sitting on the toilet while brushing Jasper's teeth. Naturally laughed, and told me how good I was at multi-tasking. That got me thinking about all the other things I've done since becoming a mother 45 months ago.

* Nursed a baby while peeing.

*Pumped while peeing.

*Pumped while eating, typing, brushing my teeth, list of weird things I've done while pumping is endless.

*Become a TV mom. I swore I'd never let my child sit in front of a TV so I could get something done. And this didn't happen till he was about 2 (because before that he HATED the TV) but now I do it. Only for 30-45 minutes but still, I do it.

* Bribe. I bribe my kid. Kind of a lot. I bribed him into using the potty ( and have NO regrets because it took my 27 month old son three days to become potty trained and he never ONCE had an accident.

* I've become a stickler for schedules. I never thought I'd be That mom, the one with a schedule. But you know what? It works for our son. Ever since he was a lil one, if he didn't get his nap times in the same time (but could nap easily in the stroller) he would be a WRECK. So I'm that mom. That turns down activities because it interferes with nap time or bed time. Cuz ya know what? The few times we've let it slide, he was MISERABLE. Making ME miserable. So happy baby, AKA well rested baby equals a happy mamma. And I think we've done something right because 4 months before his 4th birthday he STILL sleeps 11-12 hours at night and takes a 1.5-2 hour nap. Every. Single. Day.

Okay I'm going to quit and call this part one of a series before it get's way to long.

And I gotta include some pictures I took of J-man last week.

I'm obsessed with this dude.

                                    He looks like an angry teenager in this last picture.


  1. hahaha Can I copy and paste this into my blog, cuz I all of the above applies to me as well!! Oh, the things we never thought we'd do! :)

    Have a great weekend!

    CUTE photos btw!

  2. he's so cute! and i've done just about all of those too (even the tv one...i swore i would never be like "that" but HAHAHA joke was on me!)

    thanks for the comment, i replied to yours on my blog (i'm trying to get better at doing that...)