Thursday, February 7, 2013

Google Searches:

This is how many of you found my blog this month. 

10. Mama Mio Reviews. I Rave about them. So if you are trying to decide if Mama Mio is for you, the answer is YES.
9. Young Boobs. Sorry no clue what you are doing here and don't think I can help you (all 12 of you)
8. Bra joke. 32 of you this month found my blog by looking for bra jokes? Sorry can't help ya there. 
7. DIY bow holder. YES I can help you there, HERE is what you are looking for.
6. Swedish hot mom. Seriously? What do you want with a swedish hot mom?
5. Barefoot in kitchen. Yeah, I'm frequently barefoot in the kitchen.
4. Le Pause. If you are googling Le Pause, read the book Bringing up Bebe, and THIS post I wrote about our experience with it. Highly, highly recommend this book!
3. Swedish clogs. YES you have come to the right place, you can read all about the amazing Moheda (Swedish clogs) HERE
2. Umbilical cord is mistaken for penis. I had some fears during our first ultrasound with Tindra about that, but nope not the case. She is definitely a girl.
1. Paleo quiche. I get a LOT of searches for this one. I shared a yummy recipe HERE

What are some of the interesting ways people find your blog? 


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  2. ha bra jokes? Too funny

  3. Like 64 people have found my blog by searching "janet jackson nipple shield"... back when I was using a nipple shield for nursing i posted a picture of JJ's wardrobe malfunction as a joke...

    1. Ha!! I'm guessing not the nipple shield 'they' were looking for!