Sunday, February 24, 2013

10 months.

I'm sure these are boring for anyone that doesn't have, well Tindra, but I like looking back and seeing where she was just a few months ago because I've already forgotten! 

Teeth. I feel like I have been saying this forever but you have GOT to be getting more teeth soon. You have been sort of miserable lately chewing on everything in sight. So far you just have the bottom two, but I'm expecting any day you wake up with at least a couple more.

Food. You wake up, nurse, have a big breakfast (today you had a whole piece of toast,  half a banana, a bunch of cheerios, a whole probiotics yogurt pouch and a few veggies straws and some scrambled eggs. You don't care too much for eggs yet though. Otherwise you eat most things. Sometimes you seem to not like certain textures of food, but I can sneak it in you if it's mixed with something. You like to feed yourself, ALL the time. Makes for  a huge mess but also a huge smile. Then you nurse AGAIN. Nap. Wake up and nurse. Eat lunch. Nurse. Have a small bottle of frozen milk before nap. Wake up. Nurse. Eat dinner. Nurse. So basically, you eat. A lot. You like food, but you still like mamma's milk the best. 

Sleep. Gotta be honest, sleep isn't going as good as it was. You still sleep great at night 7:30-6:30 usually. But naptimes are a different story. I'm going to blame it on the teeth. On a good day though you will nap from about 10-12 and then again from 4-5. On a good day. Some nap striking has been going on lately though and it's driving mamma cray cray.

Play. You are on the move ALL day. Just like Jasper was and is. You don't want to sit still. Or sit in a jumper, or excersaucer. You just want to MOVE. You are pulling up and cruising alone the couch, taking a few steps while holding my hands and dancing! You are way too quickly becoming a little person instead of my little baby. 

I think this month you Might have broken 17 pounds. But that was with a diaper, so again, maybe not.

Now that we are in the double digits, your birthday is coming up WAY too quickly. Can't you just stay this age forever? 


  1. These pictures!! Amazing!

  2. Such gorgeous pictures!

    I would absolutely love for you to link up at the Baby Shower, a new linky party for all things pregnancy and new baby. Old as well as new posts very welcome - Alice @ Mums Make Lists xx

  3. Holy cow pretties baby ever? I think so

  4. She's so pretty! It is so amazing how fast they grow. Eli will be 11 months on Tuesday and I can hardly believe it!

  5. she is adorable. both your kids are so cute

  6. Gorgeous little girl, oh my gosh! & sounds like she's a good eater too, awesome!

    That pretty headband is making me even more excited for the little Lady growing inside me to make her debut, haha.


  7. She really is gorgeous! Those pictures are beautiful and should be framed :)