Monday, February 4, 2013

Kindergarten drama

Oh it's real. 

Yesterday Jasper got off the bus with a kid crying behind him. The bus driver said there was an issue with Jasper and this other boy, lets call him Billy. (Not because I'm being discreet and keeping his name from you, because I have no clue what his name is.) Billy is crying, like almost can't breathe he is crying so hard. 

The ladies who help the kids off the bus, check parents ID's etc took Jasper and Billy to the side and asked them each to explain their side of the story.

Billy goes first.
"Jasper. Said. He. Won't. Be. My. Friend. Anymoooooooore" Gasping for breath in between each sentence. 

Bus Lady: "Jasper is this true, did you tell Bill you wouldn't be his friend anymore" 

"Yeah." Silence.

"Well why did you say that? You hurt Billy's feelings by saying that and I'm sure you didn't mean to hurt his feelings."

'Well he (pointing at Billy) said he doesn't like my sister. And I don't want to be friends with someone who doesn't like my sister'

I had to choke back a laugh and turn away at this point so they wouldn't see my face.

This whole bus drama was all because Jasper thought Billy had told him he didn't like his sister. 

Let's be clear on something, this kid has never met Tindra. Maybe he has seen her when getting off the bus, but that's the extent of it. 

Also, their bus ride, is Maybe 4 minutes. Tops. So this drama all happened in a very short amount of time.

Bus lady to Billy. "Did you tell Jasper you didn't like his sister? If you did that really hurt his feelings" 

Billy cries harder. 

"NOOO. I . Said. (more sobbing) I don't HAVE a sister. Only a brother"  

Like I said. Draaaaaama. 

Guys, It's hard being five


  1. Oh, can't wait for that! haha!

  2. Sorry but I had to laugh.... that was just too funny! At least he didn't convince the entire classroom to hide under the big table when the teacher turned her back. Yep tiny class... all three of them hid in the back corner under the table and he convinced them to stay put even when she said to come out. Yes he missed recess that day.... it wasn't his first offense of the day either. He was in rare form that day.... switching seats, hiding, and switching papers.

    Have FUN!! :)

  3. Hahaha that is hilarious! Kids are just so funny :)
    Your button is up btw! Sending you mine now.


  4. CUUUUUTE! oh man my boys can bring the drama too!! this added a little "laughter" to my afternoon! *new follower here!!* XO

    1. I thought it was just girls who were supposed to bring the drama!! :) and hii new follower!

  5. Hilarious, but props to Jasper..blood is thicker than water right?;)