Friday, February 8, 2013

The Good. The Bad. The ugly.

The Good: 
Drew got an unexpected bonus. A lot more than we had even dared to hope for when we found out he was going to get one. He's only been working for his new company for a few months so we didn't think he would be getting any sort of bonus for quite a while. It was Such amazing news. I won't lie, I was already planning a vacation in my head. 

The Bad: 
That amazing bonus? Got taxed right off the bat, at a Super high rate. Like 50%. And yes, I know taxes are great and all. Really I do. I have been paying taxes since I was 14. But seeing SUCH a large number leave your hands before you even get it? Sucks. But still, was seeing the positive of that unexpected bonus. Even if it wasn't quite so large anymore.

The Ugly.
Last night, while Drew was meeting up with an old friend to help him brainstorm job ideas at a coffee shop his car window is smashed, and his laptop bag stolen. Laptop, external hard drive, ipod, important documents, all gone. So it looks like thats where a lot of that 'bonus' money is going. It's getting harder to see the positive when that bonus went from being cut in half, to cut in half again (most likely, don't know al the figures of how much everything will cost to replace, what will be replaced by insurance, and how much deductibles will be.) Karma better pay a visit to this person (persons.) I mean seriously. Who DOES that? 


  1. That sucks. I am so sorry! On the bright side, at least the bonus will cover the deductibles and replace those items. There is that. *sigh*

    1. THank you- this is true. And as I'm trying to remember, it's only money.

  2. Yay for bonus, but boo that it is going to fix/replace car theivery. That happened to my husband TWICE and the wondow replacement was 4x more than anything they took. I don't know what is wrong with people! Hopefully another bonus will come around soon :)