Saturday, February 2, 2013


 Pool playdate
 Best brunch EVER- Snooze. BLT, upside down pineapple pancake, cinnamon roll pancake and I forgot the third one, something to do with pears- they were all Amazing. And usually I only like thin Swedish pancakes, but these are about as good as it gets.
 H bundled up for a cold walk! 
 New favorite snack, greek yoghurt with pomegranate seeds

 Obsessed with tags
Also obsessed with chewing on coffee tables (which is now in the garage because someone decided she wanted to climb up 

 Favorite thing about city living, being able to walk to the grocery store. Favorite thing about Denver winters, it will randomly be 60 degrees in January. 
 I won't miss this part of nursing. Having my hair ripped out multiple times a day. 

This is how she eats most of her meals. With her right leg on top of her tray. 

Aren't reading babies the cutest thing ever?

 Gosh I love this boy. 
 Jasper was Pretty excited he got to get his face painted at Ikea last weekend and demanded a picture!

 Skooter ride to the park. Look at that form!
 We discovered a Swedish TV show on, Wallander. So fun to pretend we were back in Sweden

 I kinda have a thing for hearts. See sweater and iphone case

 Jasper insisted that Tindra really wanted to play out in the snow. So we did. All handful of it. 
 Tindra and I hosted a playgroup for like 8-9 moms and babies. Most who I had never met before. She absolutely LOVED having all those babies in her house!
Snarfs. The best sandwiches and chocolate sandwiches. Another Denver Must have. 


  1. Hello! I just recently started following your blog after finding about it from a young friend.... and I want to say thank you! You see you share tiny glimpses of a place I miss dearly... Denver. We moved to Denver (Englewood actually) when I was 16 and I lived there until I was 24. For a child who moved every 1.5 to 3 years it was home... and I miss it. So thank you for sharing! If you get the chance take a trip to the botanical garden in the spring when the flowers are in bloom... Have a wonderful day!

    1. Aw thanks for your sweet comment! I bet Denver was an amazing place to grow up! I didn't move here till college, but do love it here!And yes LOVE the botanical garden!!